If you are already looking for Schema, then you are on the right path toward knowing everything about Schema.

Schema is as important as keywords to SEO. Schema does make your website pop and serves what is needed for the audience in a way that is more appealing to them in the Search Results.

Okay, so let’s get into the part where we make it easier for you to attain those herculean goals you have set for yourself; yes, Schema can make it happen.

What is Schema in SEO?

Schema in SEO is a form of microdata that helps you stand out amongst the top-tier competitors by giving you an edge in the attractive enhanced description in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Now, like how we have different kinds of languages to understand or communicate with each other, Schema is structured data vocabulary (to be blunt, it is the Search Engine’s dictionary) that helps the search engines understand what your blog/article/website is about and display the best presentable content to attract traffic.

Schema has a direct hand in making the long detailed content of the webpage or blog or product page or service page to stand out in the search engine results page.

This puts Schema as one of the biggest blazing weapons to divide and conquer the world wide web and push through your SEO goals.

Why is Schema important in SEO?

Schema stays important in SEO because after all the work you put into building your website/content – the presentation of it in SERP is what differentiates you from your competitors/other ranking web pages in the SERP.

If you look at it, Schema is important because no matter how you see it, it is a wild card that we can use to trump up our appearance when we face the SEO ranking battle.

By adding the Schema markup code to your website, you can make up for a lot of things. Now, for example, every movie buff on the internet goes to IMDb for one thing and one thing only, the review.

If you add review schema markup to IMDb, then you can see the ratings pop out and grab the attention of the user on the search engine results page.

Your job here is done, you get the reader either furious or curious, which anyway does the job, and they click the link, which indirectly helps you boost CTR.

What are the types of Schema markup available?

There are many types of Schema markup available that can be curated according to your website or current needs. 

If you have understood what Schema markup is, then wanting it for your website becomes a priority, so join us as we give you the types of Schema markups available to ease your SEO worries.

The Schema vocabulary can define a whole lot of stuff, but they are most commonly used to define:

  •   Reviews – This schema markup type lets you display the average rating and reviews for your product or services.
  •   Organization – Companies aiming to get the best out of their sites should add Schema.org Organization Markup on their website.
  •   Articles –  Used to help search engines better grasp your articles.
  •   Show Ratings – A short excerpt of show ratings displayed in the SERPs.
  •   Events – Used to make it easier for users to discover and attend
  •   Recipes – Used in food blogs and such to display the cuisine and cooking time in SERPs.
  •   Comments-Highlighted and appropriate comments will get displayed in SERPs.

And the list keeps going on and on. By adding these markups to your site, search engines display this information based on the code you have integrated via Rich Snippets.

How to Generate Schema Markup?

Obviously, who would want to ignore it after knowing what a Schema markup can do to boost your website or blog’s appearance on the search engine results page? So now, let’s get into the technical part.

To the unknown, RDFa, Microdata, and JSON-LD are kinds of languages of code that can be added to embed Schema (or other types of metadata) on a web document.

 Here are some of the Schema Markup Generators that we can attest to:

 Google Structured Data Markup Helper

 The easiest one to date, all you have to do is, click on the items you want to markup in your webpage or applicable area and start tagging, and a few steps later, you will get to view your page with the microdata inserted in the spots you tagged.

 Microdata Generator

 The most effortless and handy tool, which is most favorably used for local businesses.

 Hall Analysis schema markup generator

 By entering the information about the markup you want to be generated, it creates JSON-LD code to be pasted into your website’s HTML. Favored for all kinds of websites and is absolutely user-friendly.


Who doesn’t want their website/content to drive up every internet traffic towards them? There is frankly a lot to consider when you decide to make something out of the vast world that is the Worldwide Web, so let us be your guide to all things SEO. 

From picking those indulgence-worthy topics to bringing the internet traffic wave to your content, we got them all covered!

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