What is Link Juice? 

Link juice, a term that refers to the value of inbound links, is one of the primary factors search engines use to determine rankings.

Link juice, also known as link equity, is one factor that search engines use to determine a page’s ranking. The amount of link juice that passes between one website and another is dependent on several factors, including the topical relevance of the link and the authority of the sites involved.

Let’s explore the concept of link juice

How does Link Juice work? 

Sometimes we see that one page links to many other pages, like internal links, which are pointed to the same domain. But the linking authority brings value to a particular destination page and other pages linked to it.

When multiple web pages are linked together, the value of each page is distributed among the other linked pages. The value that a link brings with it is juice, which is like a liquid poured into glasses connected in a chain. A link from a highly authoritative website carries more juice than a link from a relatively unknown site; this is why search engines favor high-quality sites when calculating their rankings.

If one page on a site links to another page, then it will channel all of the popularity and positioning value of one page into that link. On the other hand, if more than one page links to another page, it will be distributed among these pages, and each page will have only a part of that value. But what kind of links are they? Both internal links within the site and backlinks from other sites can contribute to the popularity and positioning (page rank) of a page.

  • Internal Links

Both internal links and backlinks can benefit a site. However, search engines tend to favor external links over internal ones. You should take Internal links as seriously as external ones. Internal links allow users to navigate from one page to another while remaining on the same site.

When creating content, it is always recommended to start with keyword research to manage the internal links easily. Selecting the right keywords helps to outline the similarities between different topics. You can also group the keywords by themes to link them to various pages. Another way of using a keyword effectively is to place it in an anchor text while positioning the link.

Never try to use the same keywords more times as anchor text or you will be penalized by search engines as spam. The best way is to use synonyms or LSI keywords to avoid such spam issues.

  • Backlinks

Link building is a process by which you can attract links to your site. There are several ways to do this. One way is to include links in the content of your websites, such as images or text. If users find your content useful, they may decide to refer others to it, thereby creating inbound links for you. Another way is to offer free content on other websites and receive a link back in return.

Moreover, to have a greater yield from the links coming from other sites, we should direct them toward the homepage of our site. In this way, the link’s value will be distributed toward the most relevant pages of our website.

Guest blogging is not the same as purchasing links. If a site accepts guest posts, it needs to be careful that the sites it links out to are always reliable. Otherwise, search engines may penalize the site that received unreliable links.

Several factors influence the link juice

Here we can find out what mistakes to be avoided and the type of strategies to use to improve the link juice.

  • 404 Errors

If you plan to include more pages or expand your site, you will have more links to connect to other pages. Sometimes we may delete a page if it’s not needed. But always make sure that you remove the links, particularly on the site that links back to it. If such links are not removed, users who click on the link will find a 404 error page which is not a good sign both for the visitors and the search engines.

As long as that broken link is still live, some of the link values from the original page will be passed along to the page not found. The links on that page receive no benefit from it.

  • Nofollow Links

This strategy consisted of using nofollow links for pages toward which you did not want to direct authority.

However, Google updates have rendered this method ineffective, as the value transmitted from a page with a nofollow link is effectively lost.

It tells us that none of the links is wasted, but the percentage of links distributed to the nofollow ones is wasted.

  • Duplicate Content

Google algorithms do not support duplicate content. If the same content is found on different pages, search engines will select content from only one page.

To avoid duplicate content, you can choose which one of the pages you want to be indexed by setting the other as canonical. 

  • Disavow Link

Link Juices benefit you if you get good incoming links from trusted sites, but possibilities are there that you can also receive backlinks from spam sites. Search engines tend to distinguish between reliable links and spam links. If search engines fail to recognize it, you can see a lot of damage to your site.

If your site has been affected by an unnatural link, Google’s Disavow Links tool can help you remove those links from your site’s profile.

Useful Tools for Link Juice

Several tools allow you to keep track of links pointing to your site. Google Search Console provides internal and external link numbers by page, which can help determine which pages are linked most often.

If you run a WordPress site, you can take advantage of SEO-related plugins such as Rank Math, which provides an overview of the relationships between your site’s internal and external links.

There are many other tools for analyzing backlinks, including free ones. Analyzing your site’s backlinks is one of the fundamental steps for performing an SEO audit.


You can increase your site’s ranking on search engine results pages by engaging in link-building tactics that include internal and external links.

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