Google autocomplete is something that most SEO professionals use while searching for queries. Consider it one of the most powerful features in SEO.

Autocomplete helps you discover new keywords that best suit your search query to optimize your message. Before that, you have to understand the way of getting better results.

Let us check on how to use Autocomplete to impact business growth:

What is Google Autocomplete? 

Google Autocomplete is very simple to understand as the word autocomplete itself tells that it is one of the search engine features used to search queries faster by providing advanced suggestion options as and when you start to type your query.

Let us take the RankBrain algorithm developed by Google; it is one such algorithm used to search queries and provide the best search results for the users. This autocomplete tries to save 200 years of typing per day to help marketers with more opportunities and users with more search time.

How to Use it? 

Once you start to type in the query in the search box, Google will start doing its work by showing up some predictions for you. Let’s take an example where you type “Google Autocomplete m” for this, it will display a different set of options, and if you search for “Google Autocomplete o”, it will show up different types of options. So if a single letter is changed, the Google autocomplete comes up with various sets of options for you to choose from. 

Typing such search terms is better on desktop and laptop devices than on a mobile phone, as the screens are small for long-tail queries.

Google calls its Predictions

Have you ever noticed Google stating autocomplete as a Suggestion feature? Instead, it calls it predictions. It is because of the working principle of this feature.

Google clearly understands the user’s intention of what they might type next. It tries to suggest queries that are very closely related to the search terms, thus making it easy for the users to choose the right search query.

Factors that determine Google Autocomplete predictions

They are usually three factors that determine Google autocomplete predictions, and they are:

  • The popularity of the keyword
  • User location and what language they are searching in
  • Saved previous search results if they have ever used a Google account

We use Google’s real-time search results to see what is common and trending for the characters you type and your location and previous searches. The first two factors cannot be changed, whereas they can remove previous search results from the list of predictions.

Whenever you type a search query, Google saves every search you have conducted only to provide a better experience for the searchers in the future.

How to use Google Autocomplete to the Most

Many users and website owners have used Google’s default autocomplete feature since 2008. It has benefited them in many ways creating a greater impact on searchers. Let’s check out how it affects SEO and business owners:

  • Keyword Research must be conducted

It is a simple two-word that we all know about, yet it is very powerful in performing searches. It is not hard to search for a term, but we need the right tool to do it.

For now, each keyword idea hints at a website’s strengths and weaknesses, such as content gaps, so it is not necessary to add a huge number of keywords in one text. In your research, Google Autocomplete is the first place you should go for full keyword lists.

People often tend to use voice search rather than typing the keywords; for that reason, Google Autocomplete predictions show the perfect solution for long-tailed keywords. It is a business opportunity that no one should miss out on.

Furthermore, Autocompletion is based on trending searches. It is, therefore, a great way to refresh your content. In building content calendars, many SEOs use Autocomplete keywords to reflect the current searcher’s needs.

  • Understand User Intentions

There is no point in relying only on words. Web pages tell your readers how you approach them: the message, visuals, and article structure. How do you accomplish all that?

Simply pick one keyword from any trending keywords and type it in the search bar and see what happens.

  • You get to see the most relevant links to your keywords on the first page of search results. These links target the readers as they find these pages more meaningful due to their highest performance metrics, and users decide to stay on the page a little longer.
  • It displays the number of links covering the subject, like how many marketers have used this keyword to find their work.

Try using more long-tail keyword options and search queries to understand the user’s intent better. Using Autocomplete helps you identify various long-tail keywords related to your industry that are worth and have high volume. It helps your content be more apt to answer most of the questions the audience has in their mind.

  • Manage Online Reputation

You can quickly match your name with what Google associates with autocomplete. You should invest some time into offsetting some of those negative associations if your name in a search bar produces negative results.

If you implement online reputation management correctly, your business name or brand will end with predictions that show positive results and award recognition rather than potentially leading to what would be your ideal customers’ worst nightmare.


Your website’s return on investment can improve greatly by Google autocomplete. For more information, contact Ahbiv Digital Agency; we are here to help you in every possible way.


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