Increasing your domain authority is no piece of the cake, but not knowing the depth of a good domain authority might cause more trouble for you as the site owner.

Nothing about SEO is easy, and you have to know that by now, learning about SEO and anything related to it does not happen overnight. 

Hence, you need to have patience and keep updating yourself with the happenings to conquer the race for the web traffic everyone wants.

What is a Domain Authority?

Domain authority is the ranking of how likely a website is to rank on the search engine results page; this can be known with the help of external professional tools.

Since Moz came up with this tool, it has significantly influenced every brand’s strategic planning. But this does not affect Google’s ranking system; it does give a better hand on assessing and updating SEO strategies.

What Makes a Good Domain Authority?

A good google domain authority is when the score from Moz is higher. Moz ranks the websites from 1 to 100, and the higher the rank, the higher the chances of it getting ranked.

Even though Google may not follow the scale to decide which website comes first, it is still something every site owner needs to know and learn from, as the factors used to assess the domain authority are extensive and are legit and can actually help you improve your site in more ways than one.

While scores above 60 are considered excellent for domain authority, the ones between 50 to 60 are considered good, and the ones below it go into the average category.

What are the Impacts of Good Domain Authority on SEO?

We already covered that domain authority scores may not help Google rank the results. Still, most of the time, it gets the score right, and the websites with good domain authority scores actually tend to rank higher.

Since a lot of legit factors influencing the SEO go into calculating the domain authority, making sure you keep an eye on it continuously is essential.

Keeping a close eye on the domain authority score can help you know how your site is doing and if the score ranks, you can readjust your SEO strategies and get your site optimized accordingly without it dropping really low.

So to put it simply, keeping a close eye on Domain Authority and improving your site based on it when it declines can help you:

  • Slay at Ranking
  • Know how good your SEO work is
  • A better understanding of where you and your competitors stand.

Now that you know how important it is and how it can impact your site in many ways, you should know how to increase your score if you are ranking low.

How to Increase the Domain Authority Score for my Website?

A bad Domain Authority comes with some flaws from your website, and keeping them higher is essential for ranking in a way.

Many factors are enormously influential in helping you rank higher, which can also be factored into calculating Domain Authority, so fixing some significant flaws can help you quickly achieve these goals.

Here are some reasons why your Domain Authority may be low and how to rectify them.

Response Rate of Your Site

You can make an excellent site, and yet if it takes time to respond, then not only will you be losing traffic it can also affect your Domain Authority score. 

Make sure your website is effective and responsive on all devices. 

Loading Rate of Your Site

A good fast-loading site shouldn’t take more than 0.5 to 2 seconds to load. Anything beyond that might cause the site to be abandoned.

Page Speed Insight is one of the tools used to calculate the loading rate of sites. Analyze this often as this may have a lot of impacts on your site’s traffic and conversion rate along with your Domain Authority score.


If your site lacks good quality content or good backlinks, the effect it has on your site’s performance in the search engine results page and indirect effects are plenty.

Always go for good-quality backlinks and establish natural partnerships with other high-ranking and well-performing websites.

Use outbound links and inbound links equally. Outbound links bring in good partnerships, so use Google Search Consoles reports to find good links that aren’t broken.

Also, keep an eye on the backlinks used by the highest-ranking site for that keyword.

Guest Blogging

This can invite good writers and content creators to your site and give you good outbound links.

It doesn’t stop there; if you guest blog for another reputable site, it will help you establish both credibility and give you a chance to backlink your site to the high-ranking site.

So, make sure you have this integrated, as this is more than just an exchange.

We hope this blog helped you identify the importance of Domain Authority and its influence. If you want your Domain Authority checked and know what went wrong from a professional point of view, contact us immediately. We at Ahbiv, provide SEO Services and always believe in results more than empty words.

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