Keywords unlock the key trick in SEO, and not knowing how it works, including the types of keywords involved, might end up being a severe crime in the world of SEO.

What are Keywords?

Keywords in SEO are the predicted words added to a site or content online that help to rank in search page results when users enter the said words.

Why are Keywords Important in SEO?

Keywords take precedence in SEO over any other factor. It helps rank your site in search pages and tells web crawlers your site’s relevance to what the user has entered in the search engines.

Keywords optimization thus takes priority in SEO. A well keyword-optimized site can bring traffic and rank higher.

What are the Types of Keywords in SEO?

There are different types of keywords in SEO. They commonly fall into two categories, keywords type based on length and keywords type based on intent.

Keyword Types Based on Length

Based on the length of the keywords, there are two types of keywords: short-tail and long-tail.

Short-Tail Keywords

Short-Tail keywords are search terms that consist of not more than three words. This is mainly used to cover broad topics.

For example, if you are looking for a Samsung Z Flip phone, it is a Short-Tail Keyword if you just type “Samsung Z-Flip” on the search engine.

Results will cover everything related to the Samsung Z-flip phone, from details on it to shopping websites but nothing specific.

Long Tail Keywords

Long-Tail keywords are search terms that consist of more than three words. This is mainly used when the user is searching for something specific.

For example, if you are looking to buy a Samsung Z-flip phone, it is a long-tail keyword if you type “Buy Samsung Z-Flip Phone 256 GB” on the search engine.

The results of this search will be more specific and rank every online website selling Samsung Z-Flip 256 GB phones.

Keyword Types Based on Intent

Keywords that are based on the purpose of the user’s search fall under this category. Some of the common types in this would be Informational, Navigational, Commercial and transactional keywords.

Informational Keywords

These are search terms which begin with “Who”, “How”, or “What.” It is informational keywords used to acquire information or gain knowledge.

For example, when you need to know the release date of the Samsung Z-Flip, you search “When was Samsung Z-Flip released?” on the search engine.

The search results will display different websites’ release dates, times, and other related details.

Navigational Keywords

As opposed to informational keywords, this type is when users know what they want precisely and type it into the search engine.

For example, if the users want to see the colors of the Samsung Z-Flip on a particular website, they type “Samsung Z-Flip Colors YouTube” on the search engine.

So, the top result would be YouTube videos for Samsung Z-Flip available colors.

Commercial Keywords

Commonly used when searchers are looking for more information with the intent to buy something. Often overlapping with Transactional keywords.

For example, after reading all the information on the Samsung Z-Flip, and finding the available colors, the user intends to do some more market research, so they type “Samsung Z-Flip Review” on the search engine.

The reviews of the said phone will appear on the search results page.

Transactional Keywords

The type of search terms that show the strongest intent to buy or hire the said product or service is called Transactional Keywords.

For example, after gaining information and viewing the reviews, if the user types in “Buy Samsung Z-Flip” on the search engine.

Online eCommerce or digital websites with the facility to buy Samsung Z-Flip will appear in the search results.

Geo-Targeting Keywords

This type is not based on intent or length but is important for every local business or service.

The type of search terms that focuses on location. This is used by people looking to visit a local establishment or store.

For example, when users type in “Buy Samsung Z-Flip in Chennai” on the search engine.

Now, every store with a Samsung dealership will be displayed on the search engine with details available on the address of the local shops.

Thus, we have seen the different types of keywords along with their features and examples.

If you have any doubts about this, you can ping us anytime to help you achieve what is best for you. We are here to help you with your businesses by achieving higher rankings  on search engines with our best SEO Services.

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