While going about on the internet, everyone needs every help they can get, especially when they are just a startup looking for ways to set up their website, so the SERP feature might help too.

What are SERP Features?

Anything that appears on the Search engine results page beyond the organic links is considered the SERP features.

For example, Top Stories, People Also Ask, and Feature Snippets are some of the standard SERP features.

What are the most used SERP Features?

Even though there are constant updates to technologies and features and many SERP Features get added, these are some of the most visible SERP Features.

  • Top Stories
  • People Also Ask
  • Knowledge card
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Featured Snippet
  • Image Pack
  • Video
  • Local Pack
  • Thumbnail
  • Shopping Results
  • Tweets Box
  • AdWords (Top and Bottom)

Are SERP Features important?

SERP Features were made to make it easier for the users to find the most relatable and relevant answer to their query. But this serves more than one purpose, it also helps Google figure out better which result is relevant.

This makes SERP Features more important to both the site owner and the search engines

SERP Features have both benefits and cons. 

At times, even if you get your page into the search results page organically, it may get fewer clicks if there are no SERP features added to it.

On the other hand, having SERP Features boost your traffic, visibility and conversion rate. But the SERP Feature you indulge in may depend on making it a plus or a con for your sire.

SERP Features like Answer Boxes give the answer to the query directly, and the user gets everything they want there, and there is no link added. This provides the site with no clicks making it useless to the site’s traffic.

So, getting a suitable SERP feature for your site is also essential.

How to get SERP Features?

Given below are some tips and tricks to get the best and most useful SERP Features for your site.

Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet takes the summary of what the page or site is about and gives the user the most relevant and needed answers on the first page of the search results page in the form of bulleted points, short paragraphs, videos or even tables.

It makes it easier for the user to read the answer, displays the necessary details alone, and makes it a point that the user clicks on the link to your page/site to learn more, making it amount to traffic.

To get featured in the Feature snippet, you have to analyze every single thing about your competitor who is already featured in the featured snippet section.

Optimize your page according to that and make sure you do not copy their content but just target the keywords and backlinks from their site.


Sitelinks are the other links Google finds relevant and important in your site and are displayed on the search results page. 

This is done automatically and not something you could choose manually. Google determines the most relevant and valuable links that can help the users and adds them.

To make this possible, you must make the most relevant interlinks between your pages. Make sure you refrain from spamming them or adding them randomly.

The anchor texts of these interlinks must be relevant and not be random or generic. Make sure your page titles are also relevant, compact and relevant, along with it being informative.

Image Pack

This is the SERP Feature where google displays images in a row anywhere it deems fit, which according to its algorithm, may serve as a better visual representation of the user’s search request.

You can optimize the images on your site too. Providing alt texts and captions for the images helps a lot.

Make sure your file name is not random and is descriptive of the image too. Ensuring that the image is contextual and not just for decoration is vital.

Having a good image sitemap and URL structure goes a long way too.

Local Pack

This SERP Feature shows up for search results with local search queries. This feature displays the top 3 local results with maps and locations of the most relevant ones to the user’s search term.

It also adds ratings to help users choose the better ones. This is more helpful and gets prioritized when you use local SEO.

To ensure you get this SERP Feature, optimize your Google Business profiles and other business directories. 

It helps to create location-centric landing pages for the locality you are aiming for. Get more online reviews and NAP citations too.

Top and Bottom Ads

On the Search Results Page, there are only two places, the search engine places the ads. It is either the top of the page or the bottom. 

While the ones at the top are more useful and get better clicks, whether your ad gets placed at the top or at the bottom depends on AdRank. 

So, the better your ad quality, the better the chances of you getting better ranks. So, make sure your ads are relevant to the keywords you are targeting.

User experience, the relevance of the ad texts you add and the quality of your landing page all factor into the ad quality. 

You can find professional tools available to know your ad quality and ad extensions to help you get the SERP feature in the top slot.

We hope this gives you a better outlook on SERP features, and if you find it hard or confusing optimizing your content to get these added, then we are available to do it just for you with our Premium SEO Services.


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