Every site owner wants to see their site on top of the search engine results page; even though some get that dream turning into reality, many still need to see their website, even on Google search.

Now, some websites do not show up on Google even if you type them word by word, and if that’s the case, then this blog is for you. We explain here as to why that happens, and do not worry, we won’t let you hanging, we at Ahbiv got you covered, and we will give you ways to fix it too.

Now, even though there might be many things that are hindering your site from appearing in Google, most of them are easy to fix, so follow closely.

Why is My Site Not Showing on Google?

Many factors contribute to your website not showing up on Google. Below listed are some of the common causes.

Your Site is Not Indexed

To make sure you are indexed, check it once. If you are not indexed, then that might be the reason why your site won’t appear on Google.

To check that, just type your site URL on the search engine without any keywords and see if it appears then, your issue is not related to indexing.

Some common reasons include the following

Unoptimized website: If your website is not optimized yet, then it would be hard for crawlers to read your data, and your chance at ranking will be lost.

Competition: This cannot be helped but can be outwitted. If that particular keyword has numerous content, then the chance of your site ranking becomes harder.

New Site: If yours is a baby site, then you need to give Google time to crawl and index the site only then it can help your site rank.

Flagged: This may happen if your site did not follow the rules set by Google and got taken down for breaking the rules or was flagged by Google.

If Your Site is New

If your site is less than three weeks old, then it is not appearing on Google because it hasn’t been indexed yet.

New sites take up to 4 weeks to start appearing on Google. No amount of optimization can help it rank faster, so you need absolute patience in this, just sit back and let the crawlers do their job.

If Your Site Blocks Search Engines From Indexing Your Page

This might be an honest mistake, but this can ruin your chance at ranking or even appearing on Google or any search engine big time.

Google follows every command given to it, and if you give (<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”/>) then it is gonna stop crawlers from indexing your page.

Having this in your site’s command is more common because even WordPress offers this option to help developers build the site without any disturbance.

During site creation, developers leave this option open to keep crawlers from indexing it while it is not ready, and many forget to take the tag off.

So remove the tag and if that’s the issue, you should have no problem appearing on Google.

If Your Site Blocks Search Engines From Crawling Your Page

If your site is one of the websites which uses “robots.txt file.” then you should know that it is what instructs the search engines (crawlers) where it can and cannot go on your site.

Now, if the URL is blocked in it, then no matter how you try, no search engine can access that URL, so check if you have added the URL to the blocked list.

Taking it out of the blocked list will help if that is the issue blocking your site from ranking.

Penalized Site

If Google finds any site not up to standard or crossing any lines of law or other such cases, it may take the site down temporarily or permanently.

Google deals with this in three ways:

Deindex It – Straight up getting banned and taken down permanently is how Deindexing works.

Penalize It – This leaves your site online, but none of your pages appears on search engines, even when a relevant search query is typed in directly.

Sandbox It – This method won’t have the top two results, but the traffic you were receiving drops massively.

How To Fix This?

If your issue isn’t one from the above mentioned, then try fixing doing the below steps:

  • Thorough SEO audit
  • More Keywords to help boost SEO
  • Adding more keywords using meta tags.
  • Targeting keywords with less competition
  • Backlinks
  • Business-relevant contents
  • Technical SEO analysis

We suggest you follow these steps, which should fix any issues relating to your site not showing up in search engines. But to make sure you rank higher in the search engine, you might need all the help you can get, and we at Ahbiv are here to do just that. Contact us for premium SEO Services and a Free SEO Audit.


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