If you’re a writer like me, you spend a great deal of time writing every day. You could be a copywriter, a creative writer, or a journalist. Perhaps your focus is on marketing or SEO, but even then, much of your work involves managing content production for your site.

Regardless of the situation, you know the power of words and how to engage an audience. In the old days, they used to say the pen is mightier than the sword, but these days there is no need to stop yourself to just a pen or a keyboard.

There are many writing tools and apps available to help you. Some of them are free, while others have a price tag. I have tried pretty much every writing tool out there. Most of them are mediocre at best, but a few are truly unique.

How much are They Useful depends on? 

  • The tools and apps your business requires
  • What style is best for each project

Many people think that there exists a single writing tool to use in all situations.

Well, that is a big NO !!

There is no one correct way to write. There are many options for writers, and not all writers use the same techniques or tools.

This guide will share our favorite writing tools and apps with you. In our view, each tool excels in one or more categories, making them a valuable part of a content creator’s toolkit.

Writing Tools to Help You With Live Composition


Scrivener is a writing tool created specifically for authors working on lengthy projects. They could be novels, long articles or lengthy blog posts, etc. 

There are so many advantages and benefits of blogging in business which is considered the most effective and powerful online marketing strategy today. 

Scrivener is a writing program that allows users to organize their writing process, research, and notes in a customizable interface.

The program can be a fully functional substitute for the standard word processor. Anyone needing to organize large quantities of information should take advantage of this tool.

It’s Best For 

Scrivener is most useful for long documents, especially those that must be revised or updated.

If you’re writing a novel, Scrivener’s outlining tools will help you stay organized. But if you’re writing nonfiction—especially if you’re doing a series of articles or blog posts—Scrivener can simplify your organization and help you visualize your work.


Scrivener and other complex software programs may be too elaborate for writers like a simple, essential writing tool. Scrivener is great if you’re looking for bells and whistles, but some writers like to use something more fundamental.

Think about Write! As it was designed to help you focus on your writing. We’ve stripped away all unnecessary features to create an environment that lets your creativity flow without getting in your way.

Write! is a distraction-free word processor with a clean, user-friendly interface that makes finding the features you need easy.

It’s Best For

Write! The new app helps you focus on your writing, breathe deeply, and immerse yourself in your creative process. It helps you focus on your writing, especially when juggling multiple projects or feeling like you’re drowning in Google searches and Scrivener notes.


Apple computer users seeking a similar program to aid in their writing endeavors similar to Scrivener software?

Storyist is another of the top novel writing programs available today.

Like Scrivener, Storyist is not a minimalist writing program. It offers many features and can show a lot of information at once.

The program offers a single interface for planning and composing.

It’s Best for

It is one of the best writing tools available for Apple devices. And content writers and bloggers working on long post series may also find it helpful for organizing their work.

For many professionals, this is their preferred alternative to Scrivener.

Final Draft 

Final Draft is the world’s most popular screenwriting software. It contains tools that make formatting fast and straightforward. 

If you have ever written a screenplay in Microsoft Word, you know how tedious that process can be. It takes a long time to go from idea to finished product.

In the industry, writers must meet strict deadlines with their writing projects. Final Draft software helps writers stay organized and complete their work on time.

It’s Best For

For serious industry professionals, a Final Draft is a critical tool for all pre-production and production tasks related to writing a screenplay.

Best Tools for Checking Your Grammar and Plagiarism


Grammarly is one of the most popular online writing tools in existence.

The company offers a free grammar checker that is an extension to the most popular web browsers. You can use it while drafting email messages and text messages, composing status updates on social media, and working on projects in Slack, Asana, Basecamp, and other project management platforms.

But if you want to unlock Grammarly’s full potential, you need a premium subscription.

You will save money by using Grammarly to edit your book before publishing. You can quickly correct your grammar mistakes and other writing errors when you log in.

Would you like to impress your colleagues, clients, or other collaborating people? Use Grammarly to get the perfect tone and style for your project, and all writers will be on the same page regarding writing style.

Grammarly uses specific rules based on your goal selections to remove potential ambiguity from discussions about business writing to blog entries.

Grammarly is an app that checks for unintentional Plagiarism. It is the only writing tool with a dedicated content source for your work, so you can make sure you’re in the clear.

It’s Best For

Grammarly is an excellent tool for catching most writing grammatical errors. Where it stands out, however, is style checking.

Grammarly is a helpful tool to ensure the accuracy of your writing. We also recommend it if you are tired of going through your word processor’s “search and replace” function to delete extra spaces after pasting text from Microsoft Word or Google Docs.


If you consider using Grammarly for grammar mistakes, the chances are good that you may also be interested in using ProWritingAid. These two writing tools are both worth considering.

On the surface, they appear roughly similar, but the differences between them are significant.

The most significant differences between these two types are pricing, accuracy, and context.

In terms of price, ProWritingAid is a better deal than Grammarly. When it comes to grammar accuracy, Grammarly is the only writing app.

But ProWritingAid recognizes certain context-specific realities that Grammarly does not.

While Grammarly will flag incomplete sentences if they appear in speech tags, ProWritingAid isn’t likely to issue a warning about those same sentences.

The feature can also be helpful for informal writing. The app also includes a built-in thesaurus that is context-dependent.

ProWritingAid predictions improve as it learns from your context as you write or type by giving you the most relevant suggestions,

It’s Best For

ProWritingAid combines the functionality of a grammar checker with a context-based Thesaurus, helping you choose the right words for your blog post or work of fiction.


Search effectively by creating a search of up to 10,000 words in length. It can detect Plagiarism in multiple formats, including text, URLs, and files like Microsoft Word, PDF, and RTF documents.

It yields precise results. It has excellent artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which check Plagiarism, paraphrased content, and grammatical errors.

It’s Best For

It’s good to check duplicate content in an article or blog post. It highlights the errors for us to understand. It’s best to show all the other available tools’ accurate search results.

Useful SEO Writing Tools


There are several online tools for writing popular SEO content.

The best known is probably Surfer, which we will cover next. But Frase is another favorite tool in your content creation arsenal when you want to create a user-generated list.  

Are you tired of SEO writing apps that throw single-word keywords at you? Frase helps you find highly relevant long-tail keywords—and quickly delete keywords that aren’t right for your article.

Frase provides an easy way to view the context of keywords it recommends. That way, you can determine the relevance of its suggestions and spend less time building context around keywords you want to work into your content.

It’s Best For

This app includes various features that make it easy to create a document with headings or an outline for your article. When you first encounter the interface, you might feel a little overwhelmed. However, after you become familiar with its layout and features, you should find this app more straightforward than other applications you are accustomed to using.

Surfer SEO 

Surfer SEO is most commonly used by writers who write on websites. It is also becoming increasingly popular with people who create articles for clients.

The way Surfer works are similar to other programs. You can work within the application as it provides or adds an extension to your browser and use Google Docs to create documents with Surfer.

Surfer’s user interface makes document development easy since you can see at a glance how optimized your text is concerning length, headings, keywords, and more.

Thousands of people are using Surfer right now. If you learn to use the program, it may make you more desirable as a content writer.

It’s Best For

In terms of ease of use, this is one of the most straightforward SEO writing tools.


Another website that could be useful for SEO writing is Topic, located at usetopic.com.

The Topic is similar to Frase and Surfer and can use for a wide range of purposes but ranks behind Frase and ahead of Surfer in its benefits over other tools.

The Topic has tools that make it fast and easy to save time building content and concentrate on writing. The Topic’s suggestions for headings and keywords are generally relevant and helpful. This writing tool is more expensive than some competitors.

It’s Best For

The Topic is a program worth examining if you’re looking for an SEO tool that offers practical outlining and keyword and phrase recommendations.

Best Tools for Copywriting 

Hemingway App 

The Hemingway Editor is an online tool designed to help you write explicit, concise content; it highlights moments of complexity in your writing and suggests ways to simplify them.

This app is free of charge. Visit the site and open it, and you can begin entering information immediately.

The Hemingway App helps simplify your writing by highlighting overly complicated text.

It’s difficult to beat this interface in terms of elegance. Whether you’re writing or composing, it can help you streamline your writing. It also loads quickly.

The color coding instantly shows you what changes are needed in your copy.

It’s Best For

Hemingway app was designed for use by journalists and copywriters. The goal of Hemingway is to keep sentences at a sixth-grade reading level, which allows intellectual concepts to be expressed more easily.

This app enables you to recognize wordy sentences and sentences with an overuse of the passive voice.

If you address these issues, your grade level will improve. Hemingway conveniently updates the grade score as you go so that you can gauge your progress.


We have focused in this chapter on the tools writers can use to create individual sentences. But novelists know that one of the most complex parts of writing a book is planning and organizing it.

If you have spent hours upon hours scrolling through notes, outlines, and flow charts to craft a story, this tool will help you achieve your goals more quickly. Throw away your paper outlines and charts because you can now organize your plot events and characters in a program that gives you all the capabilities to organize your book.

It’s Best For 

This software will speed up the writing process for authors who prefer to spend their time on their writing rather than on creating charts and flow charts.


As content creators, we have many deadlines to keep track of. We rely on our calendars for help in doing so. Our apps contain all of our deadlines, meetings, editorial notes, and notes to self.

Instead of using preloaded scheduling app options such as those offered by Google and Apple, consider Woven, a scheduling app that streamlines your day, week and month, making it easier to stay organized.

The software provides customizable templates that you can repeatedly use and features scheduling capabilities to share with other users. It also allows group polls for group discussions. 

The program’s analytics feature also helps you quickly spot any scheduling conflicts and see on your calendar when you know you’ll have plenty to do.


We recommend Scrivener, Write!, Storyist, and Final Draft for live composition.

The screenwriting software Final Draft is designed for professional writers, while the text-based Apple program Storyist is a good choice if you use an Apple computer. The increasingly popular app Write! is ideal if you want a minimalist app focusing on plain text, and Scrivener is outstanding if you want an app that will help you stay organized.

The application is geared mainly toward creative writers. You may also want to try Plotter, which helps you manage your story arcs.

I recommend Grammarly and ProWritingAid for your grammar and style needs.

Grammarly and ProWritingAid are two of the most popular grammar-checking programs available, both of which are highly accurate. However, the latter may appeal to writers who prefer a less formal style.

I suggest the Hemingway app simplify your language and cut out unnecessary words for copywriting.

The Frase, SurferSEO, and Topic platforms are all great choices when writing for search engines.

While we recommend Frase for its ease of use and quality, relevant keywords, and topics, Surfer is equally effective in delivering results.

Ultimately, you are the one who must do the writing. But having some assistance can speed up your work and help you give a professional impression.

Check out our professional SEO services by Ahbiv Digital Agency for more information and assistance; we are here to guide you further !!

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