Regarding readership and popularity, most media outlets and news publishers care that their most important story, mainly when it involves breaking news, be at the top of the list. To become Google News’s go-to source, what should you do to make your news article stand out from the crowd? What are some reasonable procedures and pointers to follow if you want to optimize your news? In what ways might news websites benefit from search engine optimization?

Precisely what is Google News? 

According to the user’s settings, Google News will pull articles from hundreds of global sources and present them in a unified format. Although you may use the service via a web browser, it also has native apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Since its start, Google News’s primary objective has been to curate and deliver content from reliable sources. It is according to the individual preferences of its readers. Google News also intends to boost credible publications by giving them higher placement in search results thus increasing traffic to their sites.

Because the given service is tailored to each user, the information indexing and management system are likewise structured to accommodate various forms of media. For instance, while one individual may be keen on reading about global news events, another may prefer reading in-depth reports on a single, specialist subject.

For this reason, Google News organizes the news into three distinct categories

  • Top News: Articles covering the most important stories of the moment are compiled here. This area is concerned with general news.
  • Personalized News: The user may see all the relevant headlines to their interests. Google Discover users may also make use of this tool.
  • In-depth News: Extensive coverage of the day’s most important issues from various authors and viewpoints is available in this portion of the website that is not devoted to individual preferences.

Advantages of Using Google News

Using a news aggregation service like Google News might have several advantages for a newspaper or organization with a blog or news section that includes in-depth articles.

Aside from the obvious benefits of increased exposure and site visits.  You also enjoy being seen as a more credible source, which may knock on related endeavours.

More users may submit links pointing to uploaded articles due to increased exposure, which is helpful for the SERP. Additionally, quality items displayed on Google News are more likely to get indexed quicker than on other sites.

How to apply? 

Must send requests included in Google News using the “Publisher Center” tool. They should consist of the site’s title, a description of the project, information on the types of articles covered, the language, and the city where the site is situated.

After the request gets submitted, there is a mandatory waiting period of several weeks before receiving a response from Google. If the proposal gets denied, then information is not included in Google News.  If this occurs, the user needs to wait up to sixty days before making a further request.

To access Google News, what is the procedure? 

There was a time when news organizations needed to use the Google News Publisher application and submit their sites for review. But, verification is no longer necessary. Under the Google News Publisher Help Center, publishers no longer need to submit their website to be considered for inclusion in the Google News app and website. Top articles and the News page of Search always view publishers.

Even though there is currently no mechanism to submit your site to Google News.  You can still do a few things to improve your odds of being featured in the service.

  • There must be no other content on your site other than news stories. Having a news section or a news-related vertical or channel will not guarantee that Google will consider you a reliable news provider. It means that your site must be dedicated only to the news.  If the information is merely one of several features, it is unlikely to be featured.
  • Make sure your material is high-quality, fresh, and up-to-date; otherwise, you won’t get featured in the lists compiled from published and pooled content. You can’t only concentrate on evergreen content; your material must be current.
  • Build an XML sitemap for Google News.
  • Observe Google News’s content guidelines
  • Make sure you have an “about us” page with your team, managing editors, and a means of contacting you. Having an actual address listed is an advantage.
  • To be clear about your sources and authors, always add the byline and the date. A profile page for each author is highly recommended, and an About page detailing the company’s management, contact information, and (ideally) physical location is also essential.
  • If you have a website, keep obscene material off of it.
  • Always keep your readers updated by publishing often.
  • Make sure you meet content and technical standards.

After following the steps outlined above, you can establish a publisher account and submit your site’s feeds and individual sections. You may manage all your publications under a single charge, and Google News and the Google News App allow you to choose your preferences. 

How is a top article in Google News chosen? 

Since Google News is its search engine, the most relevant articles are selected automatically.

The Google News service is an automated news aggregator that collects headlines from over 50,000 publications across the globe, organizes them into topical categories, and presents them to users in a format tailored to their individual preferences. When selecting and ranking our articles and multimedia assets, machine learning algorithms consider the story’s online visibility and shareability. In addition to the publication date, we also consider other factors such as the news stories’ location, relevancy, diversity, and timeliness.

According to Google News Publishers, for material to be indexed on Google News, it must

  • The latest news and articles are published promptly
  • fresh stories and reporting
  • Journalistic excellence (REF): well-written, error-free articles that are enjoyable to read.


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