seo case study - Started Generating Leads Organically


Organic Lead Generation


1. The website was full of a mess – Indexing Issues, Poor URL Structure, Zombie Pages, Canonical Issues, Keyword Stuffing and whatnot.
2. Because of the niche, finding buyer-intent keywords was really challenging.

SEO Activities Performed

1. In-depth Technical SEO Analysis and started working on resolving those issues based on the priorities.
2. Brainstormed Keyword Ideas from niche-related forums and social media platforms.
3. Onpage Optimization for target pages based on the keywords.
4. Built few high-authority links.


1. Observed improvements in website performance.
2. Observed improvements in website ranking for the target keywords.
3. Started generating leads :)

This is the early stage of the website and still, most of the SEO activities are yet to be implemented – will keep updating about the growth of the website in upcoming posts.

Generating leads is a time taken process but if you implement proper SEO rules and follow them step by step then you can see a change in your SEO rankings as well as get the money you invested.

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