It isn’t easy to outrank major forces in your niche, especially if you are a startup; sometimes it takes months, some years, so getting the help of an SEO Agency is crucial. 

Now, lets take a look at the Competitor Analysis Tools in SEO.

What is Competitor Analysis in SEO?

To help stay ahead of the curve and remain on top of the search results page is not an easy task. 

Competitor analysis in SEO involves doing thorough research on the competitor’s SEO strategies, keywords and other optimization techniques used, which helps them rank higher.

There are more steps to competitor analysis, which require thorough examination, so we recommend you to know more about it if you are a startup; we have everything you need to know here.

You can get the help of competitor analysis SEO tools for this. Below, we list the best tools suitable for startups.

Best Competitor Analysis Tools

  • SemRush
  • Ahrefs
  • UberSuggest
  • SERanking
  • SpyFu
  • BuzzSumo


There is no list without SemRush’s name on it when it comes to competitor analysis tools. It tops the list as it is widely known for its keyword research feature.

From helping you find your organic competitors to getting your traffic stats, this tool helps in everything you need as a startup to climb the ranks in search engine results.

While the advantages of SemRush are its Keyword research features, top paid keywords and organic keywords, it has its cons too.

The major con detected now is that most of the data is a day delayed, but that also seems to be related to SemRush data sources more than anything else.

The pricing for one month’s trial is free then, followed by $119.95 per month.


It started with backlink analysis alone in 2012 and now has evolved into one of the top tools for competitor SEO analysis. 

Even with many more added features, the one that began it all for Aherfs, the backlink analysis feature, is its biggest strength to date.

There may be some flaws in the add-on or software itself, but the one that affects startups the most would be the price.

Ahrefs has no free trial. The plans begin at $99/month to $999/month. 


This may be one of the coolest tools to date, as all you have to do is type in your competitor’s domain name to learn their target keyword.

Its strength is that it has the feature to list the top engaging posts on Facebook. Also helps to learn which all pages on the competitor’s site rank well.

While this tool does not have any significant cons, the ones that are said to affect users mildly are that it does not have a mobile application and that finding results for specific niche markets is a little tricky.

While UberSuggest offers a non-premium option, you get more features as an add-on with the premium option. 

Premium plans start at $12/month and go up to $40/month.


SERanking has been tough ever since it launched, surviving in the toughest market during peak times. 

Until now, it has withstood the SEO market and established itself as a formidable opponent with some of the best competitor research features in the market.

From organic top ranking keywords of competitors to most popular ads and so much more, SERanking’s biggest strength.

Users have faced inaccuracy in rankings, and the keyword ranking updates are lagging at times.

SERanking’s premium starts at $39/month and goes up to $189/month.


SpyFu might be a little outdated, but it still has all the key features needed for an SEO analysis tool.

The biggest strength of SpyFu would be that it offers solid features even in the non-premium subscription, which puts it a favorite for startups.

Users have faced some inaccuracies with PPC reporting, especially with competitors if you use the non-paid version.

SpyFu offers a non-premium plan and premium plans. Premium plans are offered at $39/month.


BuzzSumo covers a vast area, so it is more of a content marketing tool than just an SEO analysis tool.

BuzzSumo is wildly popular as it has the capacity to give the most favorable topic to be covered in the niche and also help track every stat needed, including which social media platform boosted the engagement well.

While there are no significant cons when it comes to  BuzzSumo, users find it a little expensive compared to other alternatives available.

BuzzSumo has premium plans starting from $99/month and going up to $299/month. It offers a non-premium subscriptions but the features are limited, and only ten searches can be done.

So, What’s Recommended for startups?

While all these above-mentioned Competitor analysis SEO tools are a good option, you need to get someone handy to get the basics of these tools done; otherwise, it will not serve its purpose.

Even though these tools are available, the market can be truly assessed by an expert, so as much as we would like to recommend these tools, we would also recommend you get an expert like Ahbiv to do it for you. 

In that case, you need not worry about learning how to work the tools, we take care of the analysis for you.

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