Picking the right SEO extensions can be a tedious task when faced with the number of available extensions, each with its own set of features. Only certain extensions will meet your requirements.

To help you save time when browsing the web, we have compiled the 9 best SEO Chrome extensions. Each extension is packed full of features that can assist in optimizing your site’s performance by helping you identify issues with on-page SEO, page speed, technical SEO, keyword research, competitor analysis, and more.

What are SEO Chrome Extensions?

Extensions are small software programs created to add additional features to your browser. You can obtain it from the Chrome Web Store or other sources. 

Google’s Chrome Web Store homepage lists extensions based on popularity, ratings, and most recent updates. Extensions may cost money or be free. Once you have installed an extension into your browser, it will appear in the top right corner of the search bar. 

Let’s explore the 9 best SEO chrome extensions one by one

SEO Meta in 1 Click Extension

This extension provides full access to any web page’s relevant SEO metadata in one click. Thus making it easy for anyone to quickly and thoroughly analyze any website.

This Chrome extension reveals many important aspects of the page you are visiting.  Including title, meta description, headers, URL, number of images with and without alt text, character lengths, and more.

SEO Minion Extension

SEO Minion can help people analyze the elements that impact their visibility on a search engine result page.

This extension allows users to view information about elements on a Web page, including alt text, metadata, and broken links. It also utilizes Google’s search location simulator, allowing you to see results for a particular query in two different places.

Ubersuggest Extension

Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension gives you data about the keywords appearing on the SERPs. It is also a tool for viewing related keywords and their information, viewed right on the SERPs or exported into a CSV file. It is one of the best tools for keyword research. Its free version allows you to see up to 100 related search terms per query.

SEO Quake Extension

SEMrush’s SEO Quake is a tool designed for building an on-page SEO strategy. It provides an overall view of essential metrics such as header tags, canonical tags, meta tags, sitemaps, and more.

SEMRUSH Chrome Extension

SEMRUSH is a comprehensive tool that assists with all aspects of SEO. Including on-page optimization, keyword research, and technical analysis. It can assist with inbound marketing campaigns and paid search efforts as well.

Detailed SEO Extension

Built by full-time SEO professionals, this extension provides important meta-information on the page you are currently viewing. It includes the title tag, meta description, meta robots tag, and more. Save hours looking through the source code of this page with our SEO analysis extension.

Woorank Extension

Woorank is a Chrome extension that provides an in-depth analysis of any webpage. It gives you detailed information on how to improve webpage performances. The extension highlights usability, online visibility, popularity, and social media shares.

Mozbar Extension

MozBar, an SEO extension for Google Chrome, offers users the ability to check their website’s SEO metrics with a single click. The extension’s taskbar displays instant information about the website’s PageRank, Domain Authority, and link metrics.

You can export SERP reports for your target keywords into CSV files. The premium version offers many advanced features such as page optimization, keyword analysis, and much more.

Ahrefs Extension

For an all-in-one SEO tool, SEMrush and Ahrefs are very similar. Both offer a variety of features, but the SEO toolbar for Ahrefs makes the tool even more accessible for professionals. It is available for free but offers a one-month trial for its advanced features.


After reviewing all of the available SEO extensions, you can select the right one to meet your needs and maximize your SEO efforts. You can achieve this with the help of SEO Services.  

Note that you should not download every extension offered. These may slow down your system. You can use the Google Chrome browser to do keyword research, analyze traffic trends, etc.

SEO Chrome extensions are essential tools for improving your Internet visibility. The key to their effectiveness is that they provide tons of SEO information in a short period. Thus saving you precious hours you would otherwise spend researching SEO topics. All the available Chrome extensions are free and easy to install and manage.

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