Creating a successful site is not easy and maintaining the traffic flow is another gigantic task you must do regardless of how old your website gets.

When you see all your efforts go in vain when the website traffic begins sliding, we know you want that site never to return again, as it is painful to see your traffic going low.

We are here to give you a quick view of why your traffic might go down. The reason for your site might be one of any of the reasons we have stated below.

We suggest you find the fix and get it in order immediately for the traffic to get steady again. Also, remember, there is not an instant solution in terms of the internet, the effects of the fix take time, so fix your issues immediately and let it take effect soon.

Redirection Error

With time there are chances for you to shift pages. In that case, normally, site owners use 301 redirect signals to alert the users and the web crawlers that they have moved to a new location, and it goes out as a signal for the search engines to pass on the old rankings and the traffic to the new site.

If the website is based on WordPress, then they use different plugins to do the same. No matter how you redirect the site, make sure you have a backup of all the redirects.

If the redirects have been removed, that might be one of the most significant causes of traffic going down, so recheck your redirect links.

Blocked Site

This is more common than one may think, as it can be caused by developers or programmers who add the noindex/nofollow to keep the website from being accessed while it is in the stage of development.

Unless you remove those commands, the web crawlers and users will not be able to read the file, so make sure you have them removed once the site is ready to be launched.

If your site is based on WordPress, then under the Settings, Reading option, uncheck the box which says, “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” If it is not based on WordPress, remove the nofollow/noindex command from the code.

New Google Update

Updates don’t necessarily mean it’s suitable for the site owners. Sometimes the updates are as significant as the Panda update, and sometimes they are simple and minor updates.

Since Google won’t explain the updates or sometimes does not announce the update, site owners use professional tools to track the traffic flow. If you check with various tools, you can assess the impact that the latest Google update had on your site.

Spamming Links

Always know that any kind of illegal SEO practice used, which can be underhanded, will cause trouble for you indirectly. Some use spam links to the site to increase credibility and traffic.

But that does not end well because Google always has an update on the link-based algorithm every year, so it eliminates every website with spam links and keeps up with websites that have quality links only.

Content Quality

Making sure your content is of high quality and informational is very important. People think that content does not have anything to do with SEO or ranking, but they are absolutely mistaken.

Make sure your content is written well. Also, make sure your content is up to date, as old content does not get recognized by search engines as rank-worthy content.

Also, make sure not to copy off from other sites that will just put you at a disadvantage with search engines.

Make sure your content is not spamming and easy for readers to navigate.  Avoid overstuffing of content and avoid stories.

Keep your content crisp and easy to read, and add more visual representation and facts and stats to gain their trust.

Keep your paragraph short and stay focused on your topic. Low-quality websites can impact rankings too.

But it does not stop there; it can affect your traffic, conversion rate and SEO, and this can negatively impact your customers, who won’t find your website trustworthy.

That’s why ensure your site is up to date and has good content that can turn casual viewers into clients or customers.

Too much Optimization

Too much of anything is never good. Sometimes some SEO newbies mistakenly think that over usage of keywords can help.

But that is not the case. Over-optimization can hinder your progress, and repeatedly adding keywords can make it meaningful. Your content will lose its quality, causing negative results for you.

Lack of Transition Plan

If you are either relaunching your site or redesigning or migrating your site to HTTPS, make sure you have a solid foolproof transition plan.

Implementing a good transition plan is crucial, so if you have a drop in traffic after such transitions, there will be a need for a foolproof transition plan.

This is why it is essential to choose a suitable company who would do it with experienced staff.

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