For years, SEO practitioners have debated the relative merits of local and national SEO. While local businesses are generally more focused on local SEO practices, national companies must consider local and national SEO strategies. This article visits the differences between these two strategies. It provides an answer to the question of whether businesses should focus on local or national SEO efforts.

SEO is a process of optimizing web content in order to ensure that a website ranks highly in search engine results. However, when people talk about local SEO, which includes optimizing a website to rank high in a particular city, state, or region, and national SEO, which includes optimizing a website to rank high across the board on search engines, they’re usually talking about two separate things.

Business owners often confuse the terms “local” and “national” in internet marketing. Clarifying these terms will help you plan more effectively.

This article provides a primer on local and national SEO strategies. The differences between local and national SEO will be explained below. It includes instructions for optimizing a site’s rankings for each query type.

What is Local SEO? 

Local SEO is when web pages are optimized to appear prominently in searches conducted by a local search engine. The term “local” refers to the geographical area within a given radius of the business being searched for.

Local search engine optimization helps businesses get found by location when potential customers search for local companies online. Local SEO can be accomplished using specific local listing sites. Such as Google Places, Bing Local Business Center, and Yahoo Local. Local SEO factors include:

Setting up proper web references like Name, Address, and Phone number.

Make sure the NAP across all platforms is consistent.

Verify information about your business through tools like Yext or Moz Local.

Use keyword-rich content, titles, and meta-descriptions that include your target keywords to improve click-through rates in organic search results and ultimately improve your rankings.  

The five steps to improving local SEO are

To achieve good Local Search rankings, follow these best practices:

Small businesses should include their physical address and phone number (NAP) on their local business listing on Google My Business. Adding these details can help users find you online.

Local content marketing is a powerful tool many small businesses use in the modern world. Articles with well-written content, proper meta tags, long-tail keywords, and rich media such as videos or images can drive traffic directly to a website from various engines, including Google Local.

It is essential to have listings on Google, Bing, Yelp, and Apple Maps. If you want to be found by users, you need to get listed on these platforms.

Local SEO is a popular search engine optimization strategy. Though geographic targeting is not enabled within a keyword campaign. PLAs ( product listing Ads) can be used by businesses to drive sales from customers looking for goods or services. Keywords like “bakery near me” and “mechanic near me” are examples of long-tail terms. They are used by potential customers looking for goods or services in specific areas.

It’s essential to have a social media presence in the cities where your business has locations. That is social media profiles for each city that tweet about the news and events, thereby raising awareness about your business.

When local SEO campaigns are built with the above practices in mind, they tend to be more effective.

What is National SEO? 

National SEO is a search engine optimization that helps companies rank for keywords based on their physical location. It enables businesses to reach customers searching for products and services with terms relevant to them, such as city names and zip codes.

National SEO campaigns require extensive research into keywords that apply to many different locations. These campaigns also face language barriers that can affect how well you rank across borders instead of locally. However, if you can overcome these challenges, National SEO may be the right choice for your company!

The five steps to improving National SEO are

The first step to improving a website’s SEO  is to create unique, informative, and engaging content. If a website has little or no original material, it appears that the business doesn’t have much going for it.  So search engines will not rank that site. If a website has short articles, the search engines will rank the site lower than one with long-form pages.

The second step is to find the most critical elements while doing SEO for a blog post, like the title, the meta description, and keywords. The title should be long enough to capture someone’s attention yet short enough to allow them to identify the topic at hand. The meta description should offer a quick summary of the article and make people want to click on your post. You should select Keywords based on what words people are most likely to use when searching for your offerings.

The third step is concerned with links to your website from other sites. It is done in two ways: a do-follow link and a no-follow link. A do-follow link passes value, but a no-follow link does not affect rankings. Yet, it still has some value because if another site trusts yours, then there must be something pretty decent about it. So, it would help if you had do-follow links, but they need to be of good quality and from sites with a decent ranking themselves, or your rankings won’t improve that much.

Step four is to make your website mobile-ready. More and more people use their smartphones or tablets to access the internet. If you’re not taking this into account when developing your website, it could hurt your rankings. It will reduce the number of people who visit you through search engines.

Last but not least is using social media to gain exposure. It means that it’s essential to have a business Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page for individual employees connected to their accounts. When someone searches by one name, they will find other profiles of people working at the company. These connections will appear first in search results.

The key differences between local and national SEO 

Understanding both local SEO and national SEO strategies can help you understand their differences.

  • The geographical area plays a role 

One factor is location. Local SEO is best used for targeting people in a specific area. The premise is that your primary customers will be members who reside in your community.

Because of this, local SEO is considered by many to be the most effective strategy for small and medium-sized businesses.

National SEO is important for regional, national, and international businesses.

A regional business will waste resources if it markets to regions where it doesn’t have a presence. Similarly, a national company won’t see much benefit from an SEO strategy that focuses only on one geographic area.

  • Keyword clusters related to location 

Another key difference between local SEO and national SEO is the keywords used.

National businesses do not need to fuss about location-based keywords. A large e-commerce site will deliver to all areas in the country, and a company with a local presence in most cities does not need to use location-based keywords because its clientele can find them on its website.

Local businesses must include a location if clients are to find them. When looking for a contractor in Coimbatore, one might search “contractors in Coimbatore” or “contractors near me.”

Remember that Google shows search results based on the user’s GPS location.

If you use geotags in your business name and content, your business is more likely to be found by a person within a specified region than a business without the geotag.

  • Cost Factor 

Under its limited reach, local SEO can be less costly than national or international SEO efforts.

National SEO campaigns require more time and money than local optimization. It can reach a more extensive base of consumers than local marketing, but still, it’s labor-intensive work.

How to know what you Need: Local or National SEO 

National SEO campaigns may at first be unnecessary for businesses just starting. But depending on where a company wants to take its marketing, local SEO may not be enough.

  • Reasons to choose local SEO 

Focus on Local area:  If you are a new business, it is better to target the local customer base first. People usually look for nearby businesses that can address their needs rather than industry leaders.

Local Competition:  If you compete against local businesses that offer the same products and services as you do, you should use local SEO. When people in your area search for businesses like yours, your business should be the first one they see. You will soon dominate your local market if you stick to a long-term local SEO strategy.

Nature of Business: Local solid search engine optimization is essential if you want to attract a customer looking for a service or product that only you can provide. Using local SEO techniques can improve your listing’s location on the first search page, drawing potential clients to you.

  • Reasons to choose National SEO 

Target Market: National SEO helps you target prospects beyond your immediate area, forging long-term partnerships that may ultimately lead to new leads and clients.

Established Expertise: If you plan to increase traffic or attract more customers, the competition may cut your profits. However, a national advertising campaign might help prove that you’ve already established yourself as an expert in your field.

National Level Brands: Technology has made it possible to reach customers worldwide without having to meet their requirements in an international location. For example, if you are a national brand with consistently high-quality items, SEO will help you penetrate markets overseas.

When a business’s marketing budget is small, local SEO may be the best option for helping that business thrive. While being well-funded doesn’t necessarily mean that national SEO is the most effective choice. It’s essential to consider whether an international campaign is helpful to your core goals.


You can use local and national SEO to promote a business to target audiences and spread awareness of a brand. It is cheap because it does not require paid media. However, it can be influential in growing business when done right and is worth the investment when you want to grow your business beyond the area of your business that you have already covered.

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