While you can get every help on the internet and professional help to do SEO and rank first but if you lack in the content area, all the effort you put in comes in vain.

Content will define the quality, reliability, and ranking of your site, so it plays an important role no matter how ineffective it might look to you now.

Also, that being said, let us be the one to guide you in giving killer content for your website that will not only keep your readers/customers hooked but will also help Google pick you when it comes to ranking.

Getting your reader’s or customers’ attention and keeping them hooked is merely a half step so let’s open you to the world of website content.

What Makes Up Good Web Content?

Customer satisfaction! That’s the key, as long as your content answers the question that your consumer or reader came in search of or stays relevant to all their needs, then that would be rewarded as good web content.

Now comes how to write it in a way that can cover everything. No one does it at one go, you might need a lot of time to master it, but as of now, let us tell you that it has three steps, pre-writing (research), writing, and post-writing (SEO).

What Are The Tips For Writing Killer Content?

The three steps of content writing go hand in hand, you need to follow all steps well to have something, and it will tend to backtrack your success.

The first and foremost is the pre-writing part, aka research of all kinds.

Step 1: Preparation 

Knowing why you set out to write something is the first and foremost step toward good content.

Know Your Content

You have to know what you are writing about, why you are writing about it and what purpose it will serve.

Everything is a must, from knowing the main objective of the content you will be writing to knowing what kind of service or product it will offer.

Know Your Audience

Once you know why and what you are writing, you will know your target audience.

Knowing and studying your audience is a must, as you cannot speak their language unless you know what they are thinking, what they expect from you, and what can keep them engaged.

So, to keep them hooked and stay relevant to them, you have to know well about your target audience.

Know Your Rivals

Next would know your rivals. Knowing your competition beforehand and looking into a successful website offering the same kind of service or product as you can help you in many ways.

You can look at them for ideas and suggestions and create your own content based on what inspired you, and you can also get professional tools involved in knowing what has helped them rank and such.

But make sure you do not copy them entirely because you will not rank in that case, as web crawlers will take it as a red flag and move on.

Step 2: Writing

The art of writing cannot be taught, but you can always pick it up based on what you would expect if you were a reader searching for something.

Keep’em Hooked

Keeping the readers hooked and having their attention until the last line is crucial in content writing.

Your first impression of them is what will get them to trust you and follow what you are saying, so keeping them hooked on step one and how well you follow each step inside it, will help you prepare for this.

You can start off with a curiosity-stirring question or an interesting, quirky line, or a short story that happened in real-time that they could relate to.


Don’t rant! Not everyone will be patient enough to read everything you write, so avoid ranting and keep it short and crisp.

Make sure it is easy for them to scan through by adding bullet points or tables, or stats. 

Keep it relevant and add links for them to navigate within your site in needed areas and connect them to social networking sites of yours, if applicable, to gain common ground.

Talk to them as someone who gets what they are going through that will help them relate to you better. Avoid errors at all times that will help them from skipping your content and avoid finding you unreliable.

Keep it simple! Do not try showing off your vocabulary in your content. Only some people on the internet will know what you mean, and they will find you irrelevant and will jump off to another site.


We need proof of everything, and we also need something to get the audience’s attention. Adding relevant images, gifs, bar charts, stats, and tables can help you retain their attention.

More than going on and on about what you do best, you can say it with images or stats better, and you will be found more reliable this way.

Proof and Push

By giving them testimonials or data on your clients or users, you can gain their trust and make them avoid ignoring you as spam.

This can be done by adding more details about you and contact details and by adding more details about your clients by adding their social media handles or other information.

Keep adding or pushing them lightly towards interacting with you. Nudge them towards contacting you, subscribing to you or making them curious and learning more about your content.

This way, they will interact, know more about what they want, and be user-friendly.

Step 3: SEO and Updates

Once you are done writing, make sure you edit your content once before uploading. Look into the grammar, other typing errors, and similar stuff to avoid hindering the audience’s reading.

Search Engine Optimization

It is best to get professional help to get the best optimization done on your site, but if you are an expert, you can do it quickly.

Add more keywords in relevant areas like the title and subheading and where it is needed here and there.

Metadata plays an important role, so do not just copy-paste something, write the most relatable and curiosity-stirring metadata and keep it short.

Add readable URLs and keep them medium to short in length. Keep your images in high quality but not with higher MB, as it takes time to load. Add relevant alt tags for the web crawlers to read your pictures well.

Now and then, keep updating your links and add more relevant links that will help the user.


You cannot write and add links at the beginning of your site creation and let things remain the same.

You have to keep your content, links and everything up to date. Add the latest information available about that topic and keep it as relevant as possible.

Keep your offers, banners and CTAs updated, which helps the user know you can be trusted in a way, and they help in improving your conversion rates.

After a while, if your content still needs to be performing well, then repurpose the content and add more relevant details, stats, and examples.

Experiment more with your content and try unique ideas like adding videos, storyboards, or other things that can help boost user activities.

Internal linking can help you in more ways than one, so try adding links that will be useful to relevant blogs inside and outside the website.

Follow these steps, and you can get yourself the perfect killer content that your website needs. To know more about this and talk to us about content-related queries contact us anytime.

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