Many think a blog is just something you put out when you have some stuff to tell and get it over with some few hundred words clubbed together. Oh, they have no idea!

Writing a blog is not an easy feat, and ensuring that the keywords are maintained in regular intervals is a task you cannot avoid and is a must which makes the work double the intended one.

Points to Consider while writing a Blog

Listed below are some points you need to consider while writing a blog. 

Selection of  Topic

While most searched topics help you get stable traffic, finding trending topics that are currently in demand and using the right keywords with good potential and not having a higher difficulty level is essential.

You can choose your title even based on your competitor’s high-ranking blog, but make sure you do the analysis right, hit all the keywords, and rank higher.


Anything without substance will fall into the no-sense category. So, no matter how many words you use, you just want to make sense, so make sure you do your research very well.

Find as many things as possible about the topic you are about to cover. Going into writing a blog without knowing fully well what you are conveying can not only make up for a sub-par blog, but it will also not help in ranking.

Engaging Content

Decide your angle and format of writing first. Because shifting your style or angle mid-way will make it look like the blog’s author isn’t the one they should be listening to.

Keeping your content engaging in a blog is the most essential part of it, so make sure you come up with engaging content that maintains the blog’s purpose but also manages the keyword coverage.

Keep your paragraphs short and informative, making the readers navigate easily and understand without difficulty.

Additional Attachments

Having explained everything you know alone won’t help you get a good blog. Sometimes writers have to attach proof of what they claim.

This includes adding tables, charts, infographics and images to back up what the writers have spoken about.

This also helps the readers understand what is said better and indirectly helps in search engine ranking. Using examples, you can also use these attachments to better explain the said things in detail.

Questions and Subtopics

Adding more questions covering the target keyword is one of the best ways to write a blog. The question helps with a keyword; it can be considered as a long-tail keyword and thus boost your ranking.

So, add more sub-topics that need to be covered and check higher-ranking blogs under the keyword and cover everything they have covered.

While covering the blog, keep in mind to write answers and cover the topics under the “People also ask” section.

Publishing and Ranking

You can also add images if you are in need and create the perfect anchor text to rank on the search results page.

Once you are done writing, you can take out the first draft and look for any kinds of errors. Then do SEO.

You should finish all the types of SEO perfect for your blog and once it is done, publish the blog. But always keep in mind to review the blog immediately to avoid any kind of error.

Once the blog is up and running, you can use the google analytics tool to know the stats of your blog.

In Conclusion

Writing a blog requires more than just a few well-written words. So, sometimes you need an expert SEO Services to help you ensure you hit all the set goals of the blog, and we do just that, so click here to write the highest-ranking blog in your niche.

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