Most users feel that achieving a good rank in Google is enough to secure a good position in the results. Now, it’s all changed; besides Ranking, many other features like keywords, content and website structure also play a vital role.

We come across many search features, such as People Also Ask, that add richness and depth to the search results. Let’s see what you need to do to rank your website in People Also Ask.

What are People Also Ask Boxes?

Many users use the People Also Ask (PAA) box as one of the best interactive SERP features. It was launched in 2015 and appeared as a part of a search result.

We might have a few queries to ask, but using the PAA feature gives us additional questions that are closely related to your queries. This way, it tries to help the user to get more helpful information on the topic they are searching for. 

You might be thinking about where the answers will be generated; the answers come from User-Generated web pages, which are similar to the results produced by SERP. PAA box also allows the users to click the link related to the source if they want to see more detailed information related to the topic they are searching for.

How to Rank in People Also Ask? 

Google uses People Also Ask to determine the authority of a given website. For instance, if a site ranks well in a PAA query and is also a good authority source on the subject of its PAA listing, Google might display that site prominently on the SERP for that query.

Let’s see how to improve your Ranking

  • Selection of Topic should be Apt

Users search in the People Also Ask box because they want the right answers to their questions. To see that your topic selection is apt to the questions, use your target keywords wisely.

First, check the questions your competitors are not addressing and the type of questions you can answer for your customers. Sometimes you can search in the PAA box related to your brand or website questions and see what type of queries you can come up with to answer your users.

When focusing on your queries, also understand the importance of keywords, LSI keywords, and the topic ideas you need for targeting your SEO campaign.

  • Come up with popular PAA question lists

Google often selects the same site for a People Also Ask snippet. Let’s suppose the question is popular with many different search queries; it could generate a lot of traffic for the website. PAA box can help you come up with common questions related to search queries and alternative queries to which you need to find the answers.

Before you start to write, brainstorm various ways to come up with content that can answer all those related questions. PAA is one search box that gives very good content ideas for you. 

  • Include questions and answers in your content

Content writing is an art that needs to follow a certain Format while ranking for People Also Ask. While writing blog posts with questions, see that you produce relevant answers similar to those you see in a PAA box.

Apart from that, make sure that the content you write must be clear and concise. Use the language that the user can understand. Do not divert your answers away from the topic; stay 100% on giving the right answers. Ensure that your content does not have any foul language or wrong phrasing on words.

  • Use Good Headlines

To see that Google selects your content for any questions that users ask in the PAA box, you should use good headlines so that crawl bots can easily understand what your content is about to show in the search results. Use a heading that is very descriptive with perfect keywords.

Content does not only mean writing on selective topics but also the way you present it makes sense. We need to format it and organize it like headings and subheadings, as Google always selects structured and user-friendly content.

  • Write Simple Content than Context one

Always arrange your content with a simple introduction to the topic, which should be a few sentences long. The introduction should cover the basics of the topic that you wish to convey to your readers. Later start with paragraphs having more detailed content that could help the users who search for information about the topic.

  • Check whether All questions are Covered or not

Most people write content, whereas some content writers think to put up content like FAQs in the PAA box; this is not important to rank yourself in the PAA box.

Nowadays, we have Google algorithms that are very much up-to-date and that can scan your content so that it feels relative. Therefore, do not try to put in unnatural questions and answers, but see that you can cover all the needed questions a user might have.

You can only address the questions that are relative to the search intent of the users so that your answer will be chosen as an authority source. 

  • Come up with a How-to Guide following simple steps

The content that most people look up to is the How-to-guides; it helps them give more in-depth answers, thus increasing the search ranks. Such guides help the users discover more topics of their interests, understand their purchases, and help make better purchase decisions.

How to guide is a great method to rank in the People Also Ask box, as most of the time, it displays how-to questions and answers with precise and step-wise content that makes it easy to visualize and follow. Moreover, maintaining such a format as number lists helps Google understand the content and favour the format.


Search engine results pages (SERPs) have changed significantly over the years, and Google is constantly evolving. Business owners and marketers need to stay on top of these changes by creating an SEO strategy that evolves with these search engines.

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