Website traffic is something every site owner needs, irrespective of how dependent they are on the site. No matter what, everyone wants to get it but is it really easy to get website traffic?

Well, to the unknown, it may be Greek and Latin, but we at Ahbiv make it our goal to make this as easy as possible for our readers. So, we want you to relax and trust us as we give you the best possible ways to increase your website traffic organically. 

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What is Organic Traffic?

Many confuse themselves thinking any kind of traffic is okay for the website, even though that can be the case in many instances still, organic traffic is the best kind of traffic that could ever exist.

Now, Organic traffic is the traffic that comes from viewers accessing search engines like Google or Yahoo or Bing without the site owners having paid for it in any way. 

Naturally occurring traffic, which is possible by having your site rank at the top in search engine searches, is called organic traffic.

Ways to Drive Up Organic Traffic

Below given are the tried and tested ways to drive up your traffic organically, and we hope that it can be something you follow religiously to get your business needs met.

Most Searched

Having a target audience requires you to know what the targets are in need of too. Likewise, knowing the target topics people are searching for may come a long way in helping you rank.

To know this, you can use tools like Aherfs, which gives you the most searched topics and their targeted keywords.

But this is just the base for what you have to build on. Tools like Aherfs can even give you the keywords that are hard to rank and those that have sound potential too.

Content Gaps

There are so many keywords for one topic. You can rank higher in many keywords, all of it based on how users search online.

So, ensuring you cover every subtopic, particularly looking at your competitor, who is ranking already, is essential.

Knowing the topics you have missed or the content your site lacks and filling it in will help you rank. This can be done using competitor SEO analysis, and we have a lot to cover on that, so skip here to learn more about it.

Guest Blogs

Writing guest blogs for other sites will help you not only increase your horizon but will help you gain a new audience.

Guest blogs written for more prominent websites will give you more traffic and will also give you a solid backlink since you are allowed to link your site to the guest blog.

So, it is up to you to convince the rest that what you have is really good, and your selling price depends on how you convince the readers, so write as many guest blogs for other sites as possible.

Keep it Fresh

It never keeps decaying in the display. So, always make sure you keep your content up to date.

To ensure you do not lose your ranking, run a site audit. Find out in what area you lag and fix it. Because if you do not fix it, your outdated content will be the reason you stop ranking.

Broken links, written dates and other stats can actually affect your ranking, too, as google prefers updated and fresh content. So, run a site audit and keep your site fresh; we at Ahbiv will be elated to do it for you. 

FAQ Section

No matter how big an expert you are, you cannot naturally add every piece of information you need to and not affect the flow of the site.

So, it is best to keep some explaining to do in the form of FAQs and not only will it help maintain the flow, but it also helps when the user types in long-tail keywords.

This will help you cover a broader range of keywords, thus indirectly bringing in organic traffic.

Trending Hot Topics

While most searches can help you with stabilized traffic, writing on trending hot topics can give you hits in the crazy number you never planned.

Timing is the key to catching on the trend a little earlier than usual, and you will see a good amount of traffic. This will do more wonders for one-hit wonders, but it also helps in establishing the brand, so it is a win no matter what.

Featured Snippets

This can happen if you rank within the top 10 on the first page of any search results. To those who are unaware of featured snippets, it is the short snippet that comes at the very beginning of the page, which explains what the user is in search of.

The higher the rank, the higher the possibility of getting displayed on the featured snippets, so following all the above-mentioned steps can help you reach that. 

Google Web Stories

Google web stories get ignored by many, but it is worth the time and effort. Google web stories bring organic traffic, help you rank higher, and do wonders for audience engagement.

It helps you put a different spin on things, so get started with your google web stories.

So, What’s Most Recommended?

Now, no matter how things may sound, you need to keep things updated and engaging for the audience to stay on your site.

Keep in mind that all of these suggestions play a vital role in bringing in organic traffic; you can get the aid of tools to get them done too. We have lots of free tools that can help you survive, scroll through here to learn more on analysis tools. 

But, the best help sometimes is the one you can get from someone experienced or who knows how to navigate. So, we here at Ahbiv know just the right way that is tailor-made for you.


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