Knowing ‘how fast the loading rate of your website must be’ is crucial because, in this fast-paced world, if you do not keep up, you will be left behind no matter what.

It is already a big deal to get your site ranking and top the search engine search result pages, we know you definitely do not want to let go of all the effort at the last minute by having a site that wouldn’t load faster.

Do People Use Slow Websites?

One thing you can tell without fail is that if your website is not loading quickly, then the number of users exiting the page is higher than many think.

No matter what, you have millions of sites offering the same service or product or information, so you should know that the user is not waiting for your website to take its time to load.

How Fast Should The Website Load?

To answer this correctly, your site should load as fast as possible. When it comes to mobile, the fast loading rate is 1 to 2 seconds. Anything more than that is slow.

What many don’t know is that over 53% of the abandoned mobile site took three seconds to load. Yes, even 3 seconds are considered slow.

If it took more than that, the abandonment rate was over 87%, and all of this is the case for mobile sites.

Now, when it comes to Google, it goes for sites with half a second loading time, which can even be an influential factor in ranking.

If your connection is 3G, it is said that regular mobile sites take up to 19 seconds to load in it, but if you make it to 5 seconds in 3G, then you can get two times more ad revenue.

Why Is The Loading Rate Significant?

Well, if your website loading rate is slow, not only will you not get ranked, but it will also make users abandon your site and give them a wrong impression about your site.

Once the reputation is set, then even if you fix your loading rate, it won’t help, and if the news spreads among people that the website is slow, then you lose more potential users or customers, that’s why it is best to have a fast-loading site.

Does This Affect The eCommerce Site?

Well, the most affected sites would be the eCommerce sites. When customers scroll through the site, they want the products to appear quickly.

If your site is loading slowly, it will start to make them lose interest, and you will lose a potential sale.

If the site is slow, customers often drop things mid-payment and go try another website. So, always ensure your site, especially your eCommerce site, is up to speed.

Does The Loading Rate Affect Google’s ranking?

Yes, a fast-loading website is favorable in the eyes of Google, and also, a slow-loading one has a negative impact on the ranking.

According to experts, the slower website does not affect Google directly, but it, in turn, sees crawlers working slowly at the website’s speed.

That, in turn, affects the ranking of your site.

So, keep your sites as fast as possible, mainly if you are a mobile site, then ensure that your loading rate is less than 3 seconds.

A well-optimized site can load faster, so get your site optimized and remove unwanted things from your site.

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