Inbound links from other websites to your website are called backlinks. Search engines use them as one of the signals to determine how to rank your website. Inbound links, also known as backlinks, can significantly impact your website’s search engine rankings.

High-quality links indicate that the referring site believes that your content is relevant. In addition, such a link gives search engines, like Google, a strong signal that your content is reputable and authoritative to generate high rankings in search results.

The key to earning high-quality backlinks lies in producing quality content. If your content is informative and offers genuine value, others will naturally link to it. Over time, Google has become more selective about the sources of backlinks.

Before the Penguin update, Google relied mainly on the number of inbound links to a website and the anchor text of those links to rank websites. However, with its latest update, Google pays more attention to the quality of links.

Link juice is no longer passed through backlinks unless they meet specific quality standards. It includes domain authority and relevancy. Therefore, even if you purchase backlinks, you should regularly monitor those links to ensure their quality.

Let’s check out some tips for getting high-quality backlinks. 

7 Strategies for Generating High-Quality Backlinks 

Competitor Backlinks 

When doing backlink building for your website or blog, start by analyzing your competitors’ backlinks. You can use SEO tools such as SEMRush and Ahrefs for this purpose.

To compete with your competitors, begin by choosing the best five competitors that rank above you for your target keywords. Then, examine their backlink profiles and use the links they have to improve your site’s visibility.

When replicating a web page, make sure you’re ignoring any harmful links. Use your best judgment in choosing quality links to replicate.

When you research links that originated from a competitor, consider how they acquired those links. For example, if a competitor has guest posts from bloggers on their site, approach the content creator with an offer to swap guest posts. 

If a social media user mentions your competitor’s name, find out why they mentioned that company. Was it because they were given a positive customer service experience? By learning from this, you can provide similar quality customer service in the future and earn positive customer mentions.

Link Building with Infographics 

Infographics are a powerful presentation format. Combining images and text can help explain even the most complex concepts to large audiences.

Several websites use infographics as a format to complement their written content. It is because infographics make the topic easier to understand.

You can examine industry trends in your area of expertise. Create infographics that you can use to reach out to high-authority sites and request a backlink.

Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging can be an effective means of creating natural, high-quality links. By publishing your high-quality content on other platforms, you expand your exposure beyond your website.

To position yourself as a leading expert in your industry, publish well-written content on authority sites. Also, make sure to achieve a high rank for at least one of your niche’s keywords. It will improve the SERP rankings of the website.

Google accepts guest posts on their blog; however, the focus is mainly on information with only a tiny amount of links. Nevertheless, you can use this strategy to create an informative guest post.

Information sharing is so important online. You can use Guest blogging to share information and grow your audience. And there are many websites out there that will gladly accept your well-written and thoroughly researched guest post.

Promote Your Best Content 

If your content is good, you should share it with as many people as possible. Use social media and content marketing to attract new readers or customers.

Asking bloggers, other business owners, and influencers to share your content can help you get more exposure and attract more inbound links.

Even if you cannot secure backlinks from everyone you reach out to, you can ask for mentions or features if appropriate. In addition, it can help expand your reach if your’s is a new business.

A wise practice is collaborating with popular influencers or business people, who may introduce your brand to their audiences.

Discover Broken Links 

Broken link building activity involves constructing similar content to replace a dead link on a high authority website.

Link building is a strategy that often works because broken links can drive away site visitors. No one wants to visit a website that has broken links. Therefore, webmasters often take care of their sites’ broken links by creating new, relevant content for the missing pages.

By linking to pages with 404 errors, you will help the web administrators fix their broken links, but you will also get a relevant backlink to your content.

Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is an online question-and-answer platform. With more than 200 million visits a month, you might stand out from the crowd by answering questions in depth.

When answering questions on Quora, aim for your response to be well-structured, factually correct, and interesting enough to hook people’s attention through the entire content. In addition, your answers should stand out from the rest, which will help you build credibility on the platform and allow you to level up as a Quora user.

Once you begin answering questions on your topic regularly, people will follow along and view you as an expert.

It is important to add links within your Quora answers so that your readers can click on them for more information about the topic. Once people discover that your site contains valuable content, they will be more likely to come to you for information in the future.

Blog Comments

Blog commenting is a technique that allows you to get your valuable opinion out to the public. To ensure that your comments are relevant, you must post on blogs related to your industry. Blogging for backlinks using this method can increase traffic and spread brand awareness simultaneously.

It is good to leave comments on blog posts or Facebook pages related to your area of interest or expertise. When you comment on other sites, the site administrator may be intrigued by your high-quality content and may want to learn more about you. However, if you comment on unrelated sites, this rarely happens.

To bring traffic to your blog through blog commenting, you need to read the blog post, formulate an opinion about it, and then compose a comment for it. Generic comments will not garner much attention.

Before using this link-building technique, keep in mind that blog commenting is generally not as effective as other strategies for building links. Links from blogs are typically nofollow links and therefore not as valuable to search engines.


Creating high-quality links may take you some time, but this is a worthwhile investment. You can improve your site’s authority and Google rankings by implementing the simple link-building tips mentioned above.

High domain authority will help build your credibility with search engines. It will naturally increase your search engine rank and SERP position.

When choosing strategies for backlink building, it’s more important to focus on high-quality backlinks than on the quantity you can create.

Many types of websites, especially those in the same industry, rely on backlinks to improve their search rankings. Get in touch with Ahbiv, we help you connect your website with high-value sites with our SEO Services.

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