Google has been the reigning king of search engines worldwide, and it did not happen as they sat and idled away. Google search engines are up to date with every modern feature the technology can afford.

Google search updates for the month of September 2022 we bring you everything you need to know.

What are the Google search ranking updates for September?

September has been a busy month for Google employees as they rolled out a core update this month. This marks Google’s second core update this year.

The core update was fully rolled out by the 26th of September. As to how powerful this update was, you might have to get your analytic tools running to know the exact impact of the update.

According to experts, the effect of this core update is less, and many pages wouldn’t be affected. If your visibility or ranking was affected, you might have to rethink your strategy to improve or wait till the next update to help push forward.

And this September product review update marks its fifth update. Google announced that it would take well-written review content from customers into account in search results ranking.

What’s new on Google Search Central?

New HTTPS report in Search Console

Google search console has been added with a new HTTPS report which helps display all the pages under HTTPS and also spot the defects in the ones that are not under HTTPS.

Google has made it possible because users were raising many requests concerning this feature.

Right now, Google is still rolling out this report, and once it is completed, it will be available for Domain properties and HTTPS URL-prefix properties only.



New Search Console Merchant Listings report

To put it in a simple way, Google has expanded the eligibility for websites that use product-structured data.

This enhanced product experience was only open to merchant center users until now. 

Product snippets in Google search results were primarily powered by product markup from until recently. On the other hand, merchant listing experiences were powered by product details updated via a Google Merchant Center feed.


With this update, merchants can be eligible for a merchant listing experience without a Google Merchant center account.

This concludes the updates for the month of September. With some updates already rolled out and some still in progress, the effects on each website vary accordingly. 

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