Google’s search algorithm has just been updated. It is designed to focus on a certain kind of information found on the internet. What does this imply for the people who create content and for businesses?

Google has confirmed that the product review upgrade for July 2022, the fourth in a series of improvements aimed at reducing low-quality reviews, is now being rolled out.

Google’s “Product Reviews” algorithm has several repercussions for reviewing articles and blogs on the internet that are intended to compare or check things. The good news is that besides the new update, some guidance on best practices of exactly how to develop that sort of material is also included. 

What is Google’s upgrade to its product reviews? How will it affect the realm of search engine optimization for product reviews?

The primary goal of the latest revision is to improve search results. It is by addressing the quality of material found in online product reviews.  It is to ensure that people who depend on Google to search for information on goods, purchases, and other eCommerce choices have access to the most reliable and high-quality information possible.

Reviews that reveal thorough research are preferable to the limited information that only lists several items. That’s why Google has announced the Product Reviews Update. This change to our ranking algorithms will increase the value placed on reviews.

Even though this is not one of our regular core updates, our guidance on making high-quality material for such updates applies here. 

The question is, what’s changing?

The algorithm is programmed to favor in-depth articles. This revision does not provide any new recommendations. Publishers of product evaluations online are advised to keep refining their techniques until their material fully satisfies Google’s demanding quality standards.

Google, in other words, wants to know that you’ve used the product you’re evaluating firsthand and have experimented with it.

There is no exposure to the technical inner workings of the algorithm. The signals it uses to determine page rank or the SEO writing standards it adheres to. True methods like keyword analysis, meta-data enhancement, and technical SEO are still crucial. The most effective way to put in place this revision is to focus on the readers first.

Google’s mission is to focus on an in-depth analysis by experts above superficial posts. The goal is to spread unique information, such as that produced by “experts or enthusiasts” who have extensive knowledge of the subject.

What Kinds of Questions Should Organizations Ask on Content and Quality? 

Google supplied 9 questions that marketers may use as a guide for product review SEO with the introduction of the upgrade. 

  • Use your product-specific expertise where necessary.
  • Please create your visual representation of the product or a unique demonstration of how to use it besides the information supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Defining what makes your product unique from the others is essential.
  • Describe how a product performs in different performance categories.
  • Using your study, what are the pros and cons of a certain product?
  • What are the most important criteria for purchasing a product in this category? And how does the product do in those regards?
  • To convince customers to buy your product, you should explain how it has changed since its introduction.
  • Beyond the manufacturer’s claims, what are some of the most major design decisions, and how do they affect the end user?
  • These inquiries may assist content authors in assessing whether their work is optimized for the Google product reviews change or whether they are filling space with meaningless phrases.

Is There Going to Be an Effect? 

This change will not impact sites that do not provide product reviews. It isn’t a major upgrade that would affect all searches.

Even though your site sells things and allows users to provide feedback. This revision does not apply to you since such feedback is not about a review piece.

Page rankings for product reviews may change during the next several weeks most likely due to an upgrade made to the product review algorithm in July 2022. Websites that include in-depth analyses of various products should take note of this revision. If you’re affected, improving the quality of your product review sites following Google’s recommendations is your greatest bet for making a comeback.

Content Marketing Guidelines for Products

With this change, Google sends a message to all online businesses: content is king. Your whole digital marketing strategy produces content of the highest quality with the customer in mind.

To rank well in search engines, companies need material like this

  • A simple explanation.
  • Specific brand names only.
  • Exceptional images

The importance of giving buyers access to detailed product descriptions remains unchanged. Google needs features like SKU numbers to identify items that are accessible to consumers.

If you are affected, do these things

If you’ve got affected by this change to product reviews, Google has guided how to proceed. Two more pieces of advice from Google are released in conjunction with this change:

Two more pieces of advice from Google were released in conjunction with this change

  • first, include multimedia in your product evaluations
  • second, provide links to many vendors rather than one. 

Google published two things

  • Include images, audio, or links demonstrating your familiarity with the product. It is to support your claims and establish your credibility.
  • You should include several vendor links so readers can choose the store they like to shop.

Google updated its advice in three new ways

All types of product reviews will be affected by the latest revisions. You may need to condense your demonstration of competence and reinforcement of authenticity if you’re using a ranked list. Incorporating photographs and referencing relevant data from your product testing are also useful strategies.

Is it necessary to write different evaluations for each product if I write a review that includes many of them? Writing in-depth evaluations of each product you promote, and a sorted list of comparable items may be helpful. If you decide to write both, your sorted list has to include enough information to be read independently.

Do reviews that list the “best” items come highly recommended? When recommending a product as the finest of its kind or the greatest for a certain task, it’s important to explain why you think it fits the bill. How does this item compare to others on the market? In what ways does this product excel in its suggested application? Be careful to back up your claims with examples from your experience.


The latest Google Product Reviews upgrade aims to highlight review material that goes above the templated information seen online. Google has said that it would rank these kinds of product evaluations when determining search engine rankings.

Poor quality product evaluations with “thin material that summarises several items” are not being penalized by Google. Yet, it will seem like a punishment if you produce such material and then see your rankings drop because other content is pushed above yours. Google maintains that this isn’t a punishment for the quality of your writing. Rather, it results from the search engine favouring sites with more in-depth review information.

As far as we know, the only content category this revision will affect is product reviews. Get in touch with Ahbiv Digital Agency for additional information; we’re here to assist you.

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