It can be difficult for businesses that market their products or services online to secure top spots on search engine results pages (SERPs). Even the best content can fall short of its potential traffic and revenue goals without a well-planned strategy. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your chances of getting noticed. And You can get noticed with the right set of Strategies with the help of an SEO Company.

Featured snippets are displayed at the top of search results to answer user questions directly and quickly. These snippets can push your content higher in organic SERPs and increase your exposure if you can earn them.

Four types of featured snippets are available in search results: paragraph, table, list, and video. Each appears differently on the page and can be valuable for driving search volume to your website.

This article will look at featured snippets from Google’s tool for surfacing highly visible search results and how you can use them to generate traffic.

What Is a Featured Snippet? 

A featured snippet previews information that appears at the top of an organic Google SERP. It provides customers with a fast answer to their questions, and unlike other search results, this snippet is displayed at the top of the page before any other results.

Google’s featured snippets are meant to be short, direct answers to user queries. Google does not write its content for featured snippets; it pulls content directly from the web pages it has indexed.

For example, Google’s featured snippet for the query “how to start an online course” includes sub-lists like Conduct research, Write your online business plan, Choose your online course name, and many more.

Google automatically analyzes the query, attempts to tie its results to the user intent, and displays a snippet of existing content that best matches the search criteria. Featured snippets are boxes of text that appear in Google search results, including a link to the website they come from. They can increase traffic to your website if your content is relevant and well-optimized.

Why are Featured Snippets Important? 

A snippet box is a feature that Google search results provide users with information about a search query in a concise sentence or two.  

Featured snippets increase the odds of your website being viewed, as the top snippet usually appears on the search engine results page. A featured snippet summarises information pulled from web pages on a certain topic. Here are three benefits that featured snippets can have for your website:

Boosts credibility

Featured snippets allow you to present your business as an authority in its field. They make users more likely to trust you as a thought leader.

Increases click-through rate (CTR)

While the snippet provides a simple answer to a common question. Users looking for more in-depth information can click the link below your featured snippet to find what they need.

Indicates that your content is readable and well-organized

You can use featured snippets to determine the value of your content. If Google selects your website for inclusion in a snippet, other users will likely find your content valuable.

Capitalizes on Voice Technology

Featured snippets responses to search queries that appear immediately below a website’s title and URL in Google Search results. They are used by virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana to answer their users’ voice searches.

Helps you eliminate non-serious buyers

One of the benefits of featured snippets is that they increase “no-click searches,” meaning users are finding the information they need right in front of them. If a user clicks on your link, there’s a higher chance they’re looking to make a purchase.

Various Featured Snippets

Several types of featured snippets differ depending on the type of information a user is searching for. Understanding the types of featured snippets helps you present information in the best way possible. We’ll go over a few types of featured snippets in the following sections and explain how Google uses them to present information.

Paragraphs: Definition, Structure, and Types of Paragraphs 

A brief definition or bit of information on a related topic is defined to have on hand. A paragraph snippet consists of a short text that provides a brief answer to questions about the who, what, where, when, and how of a subject.

On average, paragraphs featuring snippets are 40 – 60 words long.


Lists are used for many purposes on the web, including ranking, step-by-step instructions, and identifying multiple options. You can see both ranked and unranked lists in Featured Snippets.

Lists are of two types: 

Ordered Lists: Ordered lists are handy for displaying ranked items or a sequence of steps.

Unordered lists:  Unordered lists are best used for items that do not need to be ranked or prioritized in any particular order.


Google’s featured snippet, also referred to as a table snippet, shows data in the form of an answer. They pulled out from a certain page and presented as part of the search results. A large percentage of Google’s featured snippets are tables.

A table is usually columns and rows that display numerical data, such as prices or rates.


YouTube is one of the largest search engines globally, so you might want to consider creating featured video snippets.

Google may display a video from YouTube or other video hosting sites in a featured snippet block when an appropriate video answers the user’s query. Videos can be useful for queries asking how to do something.

How do I get featured snippets to appear for my content? 

There is no guarantee that Google will include your content in a featured snippet. Google has algorithms that evaluate snippets and search rankings to determine which provides the best response to certain user queries. You might want to see a list, but you may see a video instead.

You can give yourself an advantage over your competition by creating high-quality, targeted content. We’ll run through some ways you can do this.

Keyword research is a great way to find search results containing featured snippets.

To maximize the chances that your content will appear as a snippet, write clear, concise, and objective content.

To improve the ranking of your page in search engines, add structured data to your page.

You can increase your chances of earning featured snippets by efficiently organizing and formatting your content.


Featured snippets can dramatically improve your website’s click-through rate, but they are hard to get if you aren’t using the right SEO tools. Doing keyword research and creating an organized website will help keep you on the first page of Google, even if featured snippets are a challenge.

It is important to learn a few tricks and skills for building your reach. Organic traffic takes time to grow, but you can give your business the best chance of success by consistently making plans to increase your influence.

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