While SEO analysts and experts are available everywhere you turn, there are things that can be best dealt with by yourself in SEO. 

In this blog, we are gonna get you started on how to do SEO yourself and boost your site and business. 

Stay with us as we help you save your bucks on SEO, especially if you are a startup or a small business and looking for ways to keep the budget cost-effective.


Keywords search is the basic foundation for a successful SEO, so make sure you cover all grounds while looking for the best keyword to base your content on.

While keywords help you in search engine rankings, too, it has another purpose: to serve as the most suitable answer for the users.

It is also essential you know how users search on the internet to keep the keyword most relevant. You can find the most searched keywords and other metrics using professional keyword research tools.

Missing Keywords

Keyword gap is the keywords your competitors rank , which brings them traffic that your site hasn’t covered yet.

This is about the keyword gap that goes unnoticed by many. You can again use professional tools like Aherfs or Semrush to find the keyword gaps from your site.

This helps you to get more content ideas and gives you a head start on what to expect from the keyword and rank higher.


Interlink building is a crucial part of SEO and offers more push in making sure your page or site ranks than you think.

It is the best way for organic traffic and one of the best ways for web crawlers to get acquainted with your essential pages on the site.

As you would already know, Google reads the pages using web crawlers which use links to crawl.

So, the more links pointed towards a page, the more importance it will hold. But do not spam links at places, use them tactically on the Main navigation, the body of blog posts, the Footer, Above-the-fold (top of the page) and Sidebar.

Prioritize Click-throughs

While knowing the most searched or high-ranking keyword might be important, click-through rate still takes priority at times.

So while searching for keywords, also find the click-through score of such keywords or the high-ranking blogs.

Snippets using third-party plugins or schema.org can give your site appearance on the SERPs a better appearance and can get higher click rates.

Title-Tag Optimization

While the importance of title tags in organic ranking keeps sliding each day, they still hold the power to boost your site/page, so do not give up that easily on it.

Make sure your title tag has both the primary keyword in it and stays well crafted because users will be reading it on the search engine result pages, and it can influence click-through rates.

Quality Content

Quality content does not necessarily mean that your content should be top-notch alone, you can write quality content and still not have any traffic.

So, that’s why make sure you write content that is needed and not just the one that has good quality.

Even google will go for the most relevant and useful content to display when the users hit the search button, so write content that would be most useful for viewers and ensure the quality of the content.

Fresh Content

Content updating or SEO is not a one-time job. You must keep your site updated to stay relevant and be the most relatable and accurate answer to the user’s search.

So, make sure your content is up to date and that your site is optimized accordingly. Otherwise, Google will leave out your site, and it will definitely affect your ranking and traffic.

The date shown in the search snippet holds more power than you think, so update the content.

Keep a close Eye

There are so many tools available to stay ahead of the trend, but also the ones that can help you analyze your site’s performance.

Google Analytics and Search Console play a significant role in analyzing the organic traffic or performance of the site. 

Even if you do not do the extended analysis, make sure you check if there is any decline in traffic or other site glitches that may require your immediate attention.

Trust Links

When trustable websites or pages link your site to their content and vice versa, that gives the users and search engines a green flag.

The more high-ranking websites or pages that link to you, the more your site looks legit, so link building plays a significant role in SEO.

Do not go for easily obtainable links or the ones you have to pay for. Go for the ones which resonate with you more or attract journalists to your page, which is possible if you provide quality and relevant content.

Stay Updated

SEO strategies and impact change over time and during updates, so stay updated on what’s happening.

Never stop learning, and always keep an eye out for new strategies and new techniques your competitors use.

If you find these doable, you successfully mastered the beginner stage of SEO and can be trusted with your site for SEO.

But if you find it complex or confusing, you can always contact an expert and get ideas, Ahbiv provides premium SEO Services, and is always here for you to do just that.

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