Anchor Text in SEO has become the guiding force to not only the users but also the search engines.

With millions of blogs getting published around the world, it isn’t an easy task to rank, so you will need all the help you can. An SEO Agency and a good SEO can push you up the ranking.

What is Anchor text in SEO?

Anchor text is the clickable, highlighted text you see with a hyperlink attached to it.

It has been around from the beginning but has stayed as one of the most important parts of SEO. 

With Anchor Text, you can generate traffic to other articles from your website and support your stance by adding links from other trusted websites; this can help search engines better understand your blog or content.

Importance of Anchor text in SEO

Anchor Text is one of the most important parts of SEO because it not only helps search engine sort through the contents of your page with ease but also helps the page rank in the search results page when used right.

Anchor Text is more than just a decoration on a blog or a post to make the said part prettier. It helps give the readers a better understanding of things by connecting them to a more detailed sub-topic and also adds advantages to the writer.

It also gives the search engine and the users a better context and understanding of the topics discussed on the linked page.

Search engines also derive help from the Anchor Texts used to index and rank them in SERPs.

Examples of Good and Bad Anchor Text in SEO

Too much of anything is not preferred, and knowing how to take advantage of every detail in SEO is vital, and Anchor Text can help in its own way.

There are different types of Anchor Text, and each has its benefits and cons, but there are some limits that shouldn’t be crossed by writers in order not to push their ranking lower.

Take, for instance, you are covering a page on Titanic.

The best example of a good Anchor Text in SEO would be:

While Jack and Rose could’ve survived, click here to know why Jack let go.

And a Bad Anchor Text would be

A blunt “Click here” is randomly given, not giving context to the readers.

What are the types of Anchor Text in SEO?

There are different types of Anchor texts regarding SEO, but we bring to you the important ones you must consider while optimizing your page.


Generic Anchor Text is when generic words or blunt words which give no context to the hyperlink are used as Anchor Text.

This can often be taken as a spam, so keep the usage of such Anchor Text minimal.


“Click here” to know more about why Anchor Text is essential.

The Anchor Text here is “Click here,” It has no meaning when isolated and relies on the following line to make sense.

Naked Link

This type is very rarely used. In the naked link Anchor Text, the writer pastes the URL of the link directly as Anchor Text. 

This may look messy and confuse readers, so it is best to avoid it.


To know more, visit “place any URL.”


This is virally used by bloggers and influencers alike. Here the brand names are used as Anchor Texts, and the links lead to the brand websites accordingly.


Please visit the “Starbucks” website to use the coupon.

Brand + keyword

This type includes a brand name and a keyword from the linked URL. 


Grab your coupon for “Starbucks’ Vanilla Mocha Latte” immediately.


This type uses the keyword of the linked article as the Anchor Text. The disadvantage here is too many of the exact keywords used can end up raising a red flag with Google.


Linking an article focusing on the keyword “schema markup types” with the Anchor Text, “Schema markup types.”

Variation Keyword

This uses a slightly varied or partial keyword the linked page targets as Anchor Text.

Snatch our new “Halloween Party Combo” asap!

(“Halloween Party” is the target keyword)


In case an image is added as a link, the “alt text” used for the image becomes the default Anchor Text for it.

Other rules of normal Anchor Text also apply to image Anchor Text. 


If it is an Avengers 5 poster, then the alt text would be “Avengers 5 poster latest,” which will default serve as the Anchor Text.

Anchor Text rules apply the same even if you are backlinking or interlinking. Keep the types in mind and apply the best Anchor Text type to get the best out of it.

Anchor Text in SEO is a great tool you could use to push up your agenda. SEO is not a simple task, and we get that better than anyone out there, so trust us when we say this is something you definitely should have a better handle on.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does anchor text help SEO?

Anchor text significantly impacts the SEO of a site. A well-considered and written anchor text can help google better understand the page it is linked to and also help directly in ranking.

Should you use anchor links?

Yes, hyperlinks play an essential role when it comes to SEO. It helps the user get a better understanding of the hyperlink added and also gives web crawlers a better idea about the content of the site, which may help in ranking.

How do you optimize an anchor text?

Use descriptive keywords to describe the page the link is connecting to, and make sure not to over-optimize as it raises red flags to crawlers and pushes the page below in the web ranking.

What are some benefits of good anchor text?

Anchor text helps users better understand where the hyperlink leads them and helps search engines index and sort through the millions of data with ease. This, in turn, helps the site rank for that particular keyword. 



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